Start-up/Pilot Boutique Ice Cream Facility

** SOLD AS TURNKEY ** Currently producing Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream & Sorbet


4061 Silvestri Lane, Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89120


Contact 412-765-1170 to schedule

Momenti Spirited Ice Cream & Sorbet

Alcohol-Infused Desserts

This facility is ready for immediate move-in and operation in the Las Vegas area, including a full compliment of ice cream and sorbet manufacturing, packaging, and distribution equipment.

Plant & Warehousing

Momenti’s Las Vegas factory is 3,200 square feet including a loft storage/office space and its production floor includes a 16’ x 16’ blast freezer, 10’x10’ walk in cooler and 33’ x 16’ temperature controlled and sealed production floor.


Momenti’s distribution is to all Total Wines & More in Las Vegas, Galaxy and Brendan Theaters and several independent liquor stores. Momenti is featured on the menu at South Pointe Casino and Triple George Restaurant. There are 14 Momenti owned logo freezers at these retail locations.

Current Flavors


  • Vanilla Cookies & Cream – Vanilla Ice Cream, 80pr Whipped Vanilla Vodka, & Dark Chocolate Cookie Chunks
  • White Russian Pecan – Vanilla Ice Cream, 80pr Vodka, Coffee Cream Liqueur & Fresh Pecans
  • Chocotini Chip – Chocolate Ice Cream, 80pr Vodka, & Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Madagascar Vanilla Creme – Madagascar Vanilla Ice Creammade with 30pr Vanilla Wine Creme
  • Chocolate Crème Chip – Chocolate Chip made with 30pr Chocolate Wine Creme


  • Blackberry Cabernet – Fresh Blackberry Puree & Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Limoncello – Fresh Lemonade with Traditional Italian Limoncello
  • Sparkling Strawberry – Fresh Strawberry Puree & Prosecco
  • Grape – Grape flavored Sorbet with 80pr Vodka
  • Cherry – Cherry Flavored Sorbet with 80pr Vodka
  • Strawberry Daiquiri – Fresh Strawberry Puree & 80pr Rum
  • Margarita – Traditional Margarita Flavoring with 80pr Tequila.

Equipment Highlights

Full Catalog Coming Soon

  • TetraPak Model S-700 Continuous Freezer – 185 gal/hr
  • Tetra Hoyer Addus Fruit Feeder Model FF 2000 C-2
  • 2010 Technogel Rotary 4000 Electronica Filler with Anderson A-V 9000 Control Panel
  • (2) R-Plus Walk-In Freezers – 16′ x 16′ x 7′ with Steel Floors
  • 440 Gal. Dual Mix Tank with Vertical Agitation