Beverage/Infant Nutrition Facility of Multinational Manufacturer



198 Pearl St. E., Brockville, Ontario, Canada K6V 1R4

Superior Quality, Well Maintained Food Grade Manufacturing Facility

198 Pearl Street E, Brockville, Ontario

  • Total Available Space: 200,000 sq. ft. (approx.)
  • Manufacturing Space: 80,000 +/- sq. ft.
  • Warehouse: 80,000 +/- sq. ft., with 30’ Ceilings
  • Office: 40,000 +/- sq. ft.
  • Lot Size: 8.72 acres
  • Overhead Doors: (9) Dock Level; (3) Drive-In Doors
  • Transportation Hub with Highway 401, Air, Rail & Shipping
  • USA Gateway: (2) International bridges minutes away

Contact Leonard Davis at 412-765-1170 for additional details


S/S Silos & Tanks

  • Mueller 30,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Silo, S/N: 256528-1, with Horizontal Agitator, (2) Tri-Clover Air Valves, with Control Tops, Tank #: 13
  • (2) Crepaco 30,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Silos, S/N: C7223 and C7222, with Horizontal Agitators and (2) Tri-Clover Air Valves, Tank #s: 11 and 12
  • Cherry-Burrell 30,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Silo, S/N: E-104-91, with Horizontal Agitator and (2) Tri-Clover Air Valves, Tank #: 1
  • (2) Cherry-Burrell and Other 20,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Silos, with Horizontal Agitators, (1) with (2) Tri-Clover Air Valves, S/N: E-105-91, Tank #s: 2 and 5
  • (2) 2008 Walker 6,500 Gallon S/S Insulated Silos, S/N: WEP71105 and WEP71104, 316 S/S
  • (5) Jacketed Horizontal S/S Tanks up to 8,000 Gallons

S/S Processors

  • Mueller 26,500 Liter S/S Dome Top Processor, S/N: 264180, with Side Sweep Agitator, Sprayball, and Baffle
  • Krohnert 2,500 Gallon S/S Dome Top Processor, S/N: FP1105, with Side Sweep Agitator, Lightnin Gear Reducing Drive, Sprayballs, and Baffle
  • (2) Purdy 300 Gallon S/S Dome Top Cone Bottom Processors, with Lightning Agitators

S/S Blend Tanks

  • (4) Inland 1,500 Gallon S/S Dome Top Dish Bottom Single Shell Vertical Blend Tanks, S/N: W04376-01, W04376-02, W04376-03, and W04376-04, with Vertical Agitators, Mounted on Load Cells, with Mettler Toledo Digital Read Outs and Platform
  • (3) 2006 Berlie-Falco 3,880 Liter S/S Dome Top Single Shell Blend Tanks, with Vertical Agitators, S/N: 5064-1, 5064-2, and 5064-3
  • (2) Krohnert 10,000 Liter S/S Dome Top Dome Bottom Single Shell Vertical Tanks, S/N: FP1056 and FP1057
  • Falco 5,500 Gallon S/S Single Shell Vertical Tank, S/N: 1149
  • (2) Everkleen 1,000 Gallon S/S Dome Top Single Shell Tanks, S/N: 1129N01 and 1123N02, with Vertical Agitators
  • 300 Gallon S/S Jacketed Cone Bottom Mix Tank


  • Breddo 300 Gallon S/S Single Shell Liquifier, Model: LOR, S/N: 350271.1.05010, with Offset Motor, Valve, and Magnetic Trap
  • Inland 500 Gallon S/S Insulated Liquifier, with Offset Motor, Valve, and Magnetic Trap
  • S/S Platform, with (2) Bag Lifters, S/S Duct Work, and Blower


  • 2008 Feldmeier Flash Air Vacuum Deaerator Cooler, S/N: SE32508, 22,000 LB per Hour of Milk Based Product, Flash Cool from 302 Degrees F – 167 Degrees F, with S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Holding Tube, Air Valves, Rosemount Flow Meter, Steam Control Valve, Ring Vacuum Pump, Fristam Pumps, Allen-Bradley Comet Controls, and Enclosure


  • APV Ultra HTST S/S Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: R51, S/N: 385-094, with (2) Dividers
  • APV HTST S/S Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: R51, with (3) Dividers
  • APV S/S Cooling Plate Exchanger, Model: HX, S/N: 276, with Snap-In Gaskets
  • 2011 Docal S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, S/N: A2007.85, with Armstrong Digital Controller and Steam Valve
  • (3) 2005 Myaic S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


  • 2003 Elmar 45-Valve Can Filler, Model: RPE-545LH, S/N: EM02-2841, CAN SIZE: 211 x 308, 8 ounce to 17 ounce, 370 cans per minute; with Angelus Can Seamer, Model: 62H, S/N: 123911292
  • (2) Canners Machinery Magnetic Can Elevators, 4″ Wide, Model: SIEG
  • Cannery Machinery S/S Frame Product Conveyor, with 4 1/2″ Wide Plastic Table Top Conveyor, with 90 Degree Turns and Drives
  • Ramsey Icore Auto Check 8000 Check Weigher, with Ramsey Screw Accelerator
  • Peco Gamma 101P Fill Level Monitor
  • Taptone 500 Level Inspector
  • (2) Barry Wehmiller Fleetwood Rotary Can Lid Feeder, S/N: 43588 and 22347
  • 42″ Wide Accumulation Table, with Lift Table
  • Republic Can Blow Off System
  • Peco Vac-Trac Vacuum Pressure Monitor
  • Tronics Labeler, Model: Q-00128-01-1, S/N: 00265
  • Taney Tray Former/ Packer, Model: 701-12-S5, S/N: 2335-HG, with Nordson Vista Gluer, Series 3500V
  • Sollas SB Shrink Wrapper, Series 029, Size SB/420, with Heat Tunnel
  • Case Packer, with Nordson Series 3500 Gluer
  • Marsh Hi Res Overture LT Ink Jet Coder
  • APV Douglas Tray Former/ Packer, Model: CMWACP-18, S/N: M-2063, with Nordson ProBlue 4 Gluer (Photo Below)
  • Mathews Power Belt and Roller Conveyor
  • Over 100′ Priority One S/S Frame Product Conveyor, with 90 Degree Turns, Drives, and 9 3/4″ Plastic Table Top Conveyor
  • (3) Mathews Palletizers, with Control System, Model: 91-64651-567, Air Operated, with Light Curtain, and Allen-Bradley Controls, with Over 230′ Power Roller Conveyor, Platform, and Controls
  • Orion Pallet Wrapper, Model: FA53/132, S/N: 0111669, with Conveyor, Controls, and Platform
  • Goldco Can Depalletizer, Model: T902139, S/N: R4401A-R, and (1) Additional Can Depalletizer, with Conveyors, Over 60′ S/S Frame Can Single File Conveyor (Photo Below)
  • Langguth Labeler, Model: 3969, S/N: E40-9094161, with Peco Can Rejecter and Sick Reader (Photo Below)


  • 2003 Elmar 21-Valve Glass Bottle Filler, Model: Reconditioned RP-20211LH, S/N: XM03-3011, 4 ounce Bottles at 180 per minute, with Diversified Capping 16-Head Capper, Model: 54-400, S/N: 54/408, Karl Klement Cap Feeder, Peco Gamma 101P Fill Level Monitor, Hydraulic Bottle Depalletizer, with Pump System, Bottle Rinser, Conveyor, and Accumulation Table, with Carton Filler


  • 3-Tank S/S CIP System, with Approximately 600 Gallon Tanks for Hot Water, Caustic and pH Buffer, Tetra Pak Air Valves, Alfa Laval Pumps, Flow Meter, and S/S Piping
  • (3) 102″, 92″, and 79″ S/S Jet Spray Wash Trough, with Pump


  • (53) Alfa Laval 1 1/2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (38) Alfa Laval 2″ and 1 1/2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (32) Alfa Laval 2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (27) Alfa Laval 2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (23) Alfa Laval 2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (22) Alfa Laval 2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (21) Alfa Laval 2″ and 1 1/2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold, with Control Tops
  • (12) Alfa Laval 2″ S/S Mixproof Air Valves in Manifold


  • 1,000s’ S/S Pipe, Up to 4″, (28) Fristam, Sine, Alfa Laval, and Other Circulating Pumps, (6) Waukesha and Alfa Laval Positive Displacement Pumps, Micro Motion, Rosemount, and Krohne Flow Meters, Tetra Pak Mixproof Air Valves, S/S Ball Valves, Ball Check Valves, 90 Degree Elbows, Clamps, Reducers, and More


  • Niro Soavi Lab Homogenizer, Type: PANDA, S/N: 3126, Armfield UHT Pilot System, with Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: F774, Cafiamo Viscometer, Thermo CL2 Centrifuge, Gel-Gro Rotator, Vacuum Pump, S/S Triple Bowl Sink, Digital Scale, Chrome Wire Racks, (5) Hotpack Incubators, Etc


  • (5) Waters HPLCs, with 717 and 2707 Autosamplers, 2489 Detector and 515 Pumps, Agilent Technologies GC Model: 6890N, with Autosampler Metrohm Brinkmann 658K Processor, Turbo Vap LV H/P 5890 Series II GC, Fisher Accumet Digital pH Meters, Mettler Digital Scales, IEC Centra CL2 Centrifuge, Isotemp Water Baths, Chillers, Hot Plates, Colorflex Meter, Toledo Digital Scales, Lindberg Blue M Furnace, Mott Lab Hoods, Glassware, (12) Lab Counters, with Acid Resistant Tops, Mojonnier Tester, Clesis Advanced Sampler, Thermo Lab Hood, Incubators, Castle Getinge Autoclave, Bioguard Hood, Refrigerators, Water System, and More


  • (2) Retorts, with 3-Basket capacity, Heating 123.9 C to 125 C, Cooling 42.6 C to 32.2 C, Rotation Time 54-67 seconds per 10 Revolutions, with Taylor Recorders, Steam Valves, Controls, 3,000 Gallon S/S Hot Water Tank, and Hot Water System


  • Goldco Can Palletizer; APV Douglas Tray Packer/Former; Langguth and Tronix Labelers; Ramsey Icore Auto Check 8000 Check Weigher, (3) Taptone Model 500 Level Inspectors, S/S Platforms, Retort Cages, Whallon Palletizer, S/S Wash Tank, Circulating and Positive Displacement Pumps, Portable S/S Mix Tank, with Pump, Nordson Gluer, Ramsey Autocheck 9000 Checkweigher, (4) Woods Refrigerators and Freezers, Albany 94″ and 74″ Wide High Speed Roll Up Doors, Shop Vacs, Bug Zappers, Eye Wash Stations and Showers, S/S Sinks, and More
  • (7) Videojet Ink Jet Coders, (4) Model: 2000, (2) Model: 170i, and (1) Model: 178i
  • Jaime Image Model 1000 Ink Jet Coder


  • Allen-Bradley 1200/300 AMP MCC, with (66) Disconnects
  • Allen-Bradley 800/300 AMP MCC, with (19) Disconnects
  • Cutler Hammer 600/600 AMP MCC, with (35) Disconnects
  • (4) Allen-Bradley 3 HP PowerFlex 70 VFDs and (3) 2 HP VFDs
  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet I/O Modules
  • Allen-Bradley 300/800 AMP MCC, with (23) Disconnects
  • (35) Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 70 VFDs, Up to 25 HP
  • Allen-Bradley 800/300 AMP MCC, with (46) Disconnects
  • Allen-Bradley 800/300 AMP MCC, with (36) Disconnects
  • (2) Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 70 VFDs, 100 HP
  • Allen-Bradley I/O and P/C Racks


  • SPARE PARTS: New S/S Fittings, Anderson RTDs, New Alfa Laval Pump, New Motors, New Rosemount Meters, New Sigma Chemical Feed Pumps, New Allen-Bradley VFDs, Up to 125 HP, Gear Reducing Drives, Tri-Clover and Tetra Pak Air Valves, Electrical Components, Line Wrenches, Hardware, Filters, Cable, Micro Switches, Solenoids, Steam Valves, and More
  • MAINTENANCE SHOP: (7) Work Benches, Miller Syncrowave 350XL Welder, Arbor Press, Welding Shields, Baldor Double End Grinder, Chain Hoist, Steel Bench, with Vise, Lexar and Steel Stock, Parts Cabinet, Cabinets, Lube Guns, Confined Space Blower, Portable Lights, Rocket and Punch Sets, Pipe Wrench, Bolt Cutter, Weld Rod, Jet 6′ Bending Break, Conduit, Impact Wrench, Machine Movers, and More
  • OFFICES & GENERAL PLANT EQUIPMENT: Large Quantity of Office Furniture, Steel Shelving, Parts Cages, Safety Equipment, Chrome Wire Racks, Can-Trol Environmental Chambers, Pedestal Fans, S/S Carts, Floor Scrubbers, Break Room Furniture, Lockers, Trash Dumpsters, First Aid and Nurse’s Office, Flammable Storage Cabinet, Trash Cans, and More


Pallet Racking

  • Over (700) Sections Pallet Racking, Up to 24′ High
  • (9) Sections 4-Deep Push Back Pallet Racking

Forklifts and Material Handling

  • Linde Sit Down Electric Forklift, Model: E20B-EE, S/N: 2658-0670, with 36 Volt Battery
  • Baker 3,454 LB Capacity Sit Down Electric Forklift, Model: B50-CE, S/N: 2503-0360, with Side Shift and Cascade Rotary Forks
  • Hyster 2,650 LB Capacity Sit Down Electric Forklift, Model: J30XMT, S/N: C160H02345S, with 200.7″ Max Lift, 36 Volt Battery, and Side Shift
  • (4) Baker/ Linde Stand Up Electric Forklifts, Model: BRT30D, S/N: 2682-048, 2682-047, 2682-049, and 2682-043, with Reach and 36 Volt Battery
  • (2) Blue Giant 3,000 LB Capacity Walk Behind Electric Forklifts, Model: NA120W30, S/N: 8030229 and 8030247, with 24 Volt Battery, with Charger
  • Blue Giant 2,000 LB Capacity Walk Behind Forklift, with Charger
  • Vestil 400 Capacity Electric Lift, Model: PEL-400-72, S/N: 5789782
  • Sky Jack Electric Scissor Lift
  • (6) Pacific and Other 36 Volt Battery Chargers
  • Hydraulic Pallet Jacks, 4-Wheel Carts, 2-Wheel Dollies, and More


  • Cimco 125 HP Ammonia Compressor, Model: C6-W08A, S/N: 01578
  • (2) Mycom 100 HP 8-Cylinder Ammonia Compressor, Model: M8B, S/N: 16731 and 16730
  • BAC Ammonia Ice Builder, with (2) Air Agitation Pumps, Surge Tank, Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger, and (2) 60 HP Pumps, with Allen-Bradley 1336 Plus II VFDs
  • Alfa Laval Chilled Water Ammonia Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: MKIS-BWFD, S/N: 30105-60386, with Surge Tank
  • Cimco Liquid Ammonia Accumulator, Cimco Vertical Ammonia Receiver, Evaporative Water System, with S/S Tank and (3) Pumps, and Cimco Gas Detector
  • BAC Cooling Tower, Model: VCIN243, S/N: 6V096493901
  • (2) Additional BAC Cooling Towers


  • (2) Atlas Copco 125 HP Oil Free Screw Air Compressors, Model: ZT90VSD, S/N: AIF.082077
  • Prolew Dual Vacuum Pump, with Tank
  • Atlas Copco Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model: FD280, S/N: 704005, with Vertical Air Receiver


  • Waste Water Treatment System, with (3) Tanks, Techni Chem Fluoride Unit, APV and Other Pumps, Chemical Feed Pump, and Controls


  • (4) Clayton Steam Generators, Model: E5000MCSA and E-302-CSA
  • Hot Water Tank, with Water Softener and Pumps
  • Westinghouse 600 Volt MCC, with (10) Disconnects
  • Condensate System, with Tank and (2) Pumps