Westfaila Butter Churn, Butter Packer, Cup Filler, Tamper Evident Bander, Inkjet Coder and More!



Westfalia Butter Churn, Model BUC-1500, S/N 2203-742 & 2017-683A, complete with Pumps, Brine Tank, Working Section, Surge Hopper / Bulk Packer; Reconditioned for USDA Status.

Retail packaging components include retrofitting for 12 oz. retail cup:

  • Goodway Continuous Mixer / Butter Whipping Pump, Model CM35, S/N 190.
  • Sawvel Retail Cup Filler, Model 80, S/N 1335-96-002, 2-Lane Piston Cup Filler and Lidder.
  • PDC Tamper Evident Bander, Model# FC400, S/N 039.
  • Videojet Excel Inkjet Coder, Series 100.
  • PDC Heat Tunnel, Model KRC184694, S/N 105.
  • Sta-Flow RS5 Butter Pump.
  • Custom Metal Design 3 inch S/S table top conveyor.
  • Kline Process Systems Cup De-nester.
  • Ivarson 8471 / 1986R Bulk Butter Micro-Fix.
  • Ivarson SS Bulk Butter Accumulator.
  • Ivanson Sabel SE Case Packer, S/N 96039.