2015 Skyr Yogurt Cup Filler

Trepko 246KS Rotary Series Filling and Sealing Machine

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Trepko 246KS Rotary Series Filling and Sealing Machine

Capacity: 5.3 oz (160cc) Stirred Skyr: 14,000 Cups/hour subject to product viscosity and fill height

Filling Volume: 50cc ‐ 250cc

Container Type: TBC ‐ Easy Stackable and un‐stackable cups of a maximum dimension of 95mm diameter.


  • HEPA Filter Sterile Cabin ‐ For filling under optimum hygiene the product zone is covered by laminar flow sterile air cabin from the first position after cup suction until and including heat sealing station. The sterile air cabin will meet the International Federal Standard 209B, Classification 100.
  • C.I.P. Compatibility ‐ The machine is suitable for C.I.P. operation. The machine PLC will take control of the opening and closing of all valves, etc.
  • Pressure Level Sensor ‐ Main hopper controls incoming product supply.
  • Servo Fill Lift and CIP Connections ‐ Integrated servo control on the cup lift during filling and the CIP process. Complete recipe control through the HMI interface.
  • Foil Dispense Sledge for Die‐Cuts – Offline loading facility which will enable the operator to replenish the foil dispense whilst the machine is operating.
  • Automatic Cup Loader ‐ A bulk cup loading assembly to automatically feed each container dispense stack. The system will have an alarm to alert operator to low level containers.