Seydelmann 500 liter Cooking Vacuum-Cutter


Seydelmann 500 Liter Cooking Vacuum-Cutter Model K 754 AC-8 750

The AC-8 Cutter

  • AC 8 Cutters are fitted with a frequency regulated AC motor. Highest demands on safety, technological application, lifetime and speed are perfectly guaranteed by the entire technique of the service-free AC-drive. High-speeds and perfect reliability over many years are some of the advantages of the AC-Cutter. The extremely strong design of the AC-Cutter stands for highest performance without the need of servicing carbon brushes and air filters. The operating costs are minimized.

The Chemical Effect of Vacuum

  • The better emulsifying effect of the Vacuum-Cutter has tremendous advantages for cold cuts and vacuum-packed goods. A combination of Vacuum and Cooking-Cutter is possible. Much longer shelf-life of meat products. The low intake of air leads to a fast, bright and more durable reddening and to a much longer lasting color and taste in the finished product. Due to the lower penetration of atmospheric oxygen in the Vacuum-Cutter, the reaction of oxygen and fatty acids (fat oxidation) are considerably reduced. The products have a much better keeping quality.

The Biological Effect of Vacuum

  • As oxygen is locked out, the remaining atmosphere is replaced by chemically and biologically neutral nitrogen, the propagation of germs and the loss of aroma is greatly reduced. This increases the transport times and the product has an increased shelf life. Even with recipes poorer in protein, the heat stabilization of the emulsion is better. Cutters with mixing speeds can also be used as Vacuum Mixers. On option two additional reverse mixing gears.