Astepo Aseptic Pouch Filler


Astepo Aseptic Pouch Filler, Model HS-LAAF-1H/1, S/S 513

  • Runs any flexible bag size from 2 Liter to 20 liter
  • Runs two fitment bags
  • Equipped with Sterile Air System
  • Set up to run the Scholle Sentry Safe Lock Spout but can be set up to run any type 30mm spout cap
  • Low Acid Aseptic Machine, runs both low acid and high acid aseptic products
  • 5 bags/minute speed
  • Ran all Liquid Dairy Based Milk Products such as half and half, creams, and whole to lowfat milk, flavored milk and iced coffee beverages
  • In service through 4/1/2014