2014 Fimer Filler & Labeler


2014 Fimer 2,000 BPH 12-Valve Monoblock Pressure Rinser/Filler & STS Labeler

2014 Fimer 2,000 BPH Isobaric 12-Valve Monoblock Pressure Filler, LOW HOURS! Model RTI 9-12-1-1 S-C, S/N 3312, with 9-Station Rinser, ROPP Screwcap / Crown Cap closures in one unit, 750 ml Change Parts and Filling Tubes, 330 ml Change Parts, (12) Dummy CIP Bottles, Additional Set of Bottle Grippers and DPS Gas Valve Injector. Fills Cider, Wines, Beer, Sparkling Beverages.

System configured and installed by Criveller Company.

2014 STS 2,000 BPH Front & Back Labeler, Model S2/L, S/N AB1465E, with Capsule Dispenser Column, S/S Chain and Touch Screen Controls.

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