2011 Triapex Bottle Filling Line


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2 oz. – 1 Gallon Bottle Sizes

Complete automated bottle filling line adjustable for a wide range of sizes including dosing pumps, roll-on ball insertion, capping, torqueing, labeling, and ink jet printing. This line was custom built five years ago for the bottling of a viscous product in a wide range of bottle sizes. The line is in excellent – like new condition.


2011 Triapex 8-Nozzle Inline Volumetric Filler, Model: 2002. Starting with a main supply pump and eight dosing pumps with servo controlled filling nozzles, this line can automatically fill, add roll-on balls (where required), cap, label, print and accumulate bottles of a wide size range.

Automated Capping & Feeding

This line includes stations for automatic placement and insertion of roll-on balls and automatic placement and torqueing of screw caps. Descramblers and feeders for both are included.

PLC Control

The system includes a central cabinet for the Siemens S7 PLC, motor drives and other electrical components. A color touch screen operator panel mounted int he cabinet door controls all operations of the line.

The ViscoTec dosing system is controlled from two cabinets mounted on the pump support frame. Each pump has an individual controller for precise dosing.

Labeling & Printing

Providing maximum flexibility the line has a two-label labeler station. Two Markem ink jet printers are included. A transfer station allows for printing on the bottom of the bottles with one ink jet printer, while the other is available for printing on the bottle side.

Included Equipment

  • Rotating feeding table for empty bottles
  • (8) ViscoTec dosing pumps
  • (1) ViscoTec supply pump
  • (8) Nozzle servo filling station
  • Roll-on ball inserter
  • Automatic cap placement
  • Automatic cap torquing
  • 2-head Etipack labeler
  • Bottom print Markem inkjet station
  • Site print Markem inkjet station
  • Rotating accumulator table for filled bottles
  • Siemens PLC control

Power Requirements

  • Dosing system: 480VAC, 3ph, 60Hz
  • Filling line: 240VAC, 3ph, 60Hz

Air Requirements

  • 90psi clean and dry plant air