2011 Big Drum Cup Filler


2011 Big Drum Smart Filler 2-Wide, Single Index 4” for the Production of 16 oz Malt Cups

ONLY 216 HOURS! Call 412-765-1170 for purchase details.

Output 2-Wide: 50 Strokes/Minute, 6,000 Prod./Hour

Description of 16 oz Cup Production:

  • Dispensing (2) 16 oz paper malt cups per stroke. Fill to customer specification using large volume valves. Place, tack seal, and final heat seal a 93 mm foil die cut lid to 16 oz cup. Horizontally eject onto a low ride orange belt and then hand packed.

The machine is equipped as follows:

  • 1 pc. Mechanical Drive for the product chain & lift stations
  • 1 pc. All stainless steel construction frame using 3A Sanitary Guidelines
  • 1 pc. Complete pneumatic solenoid valve system Bosch-Rexroth, cylinders and other pneumatic components Fest
  • 1 pc. Complete electronics unit with a PLC (Allen Bradley 5561) with Touch Panel (Allen Bradley Panel View 1250+)
  • 1 pc. 2-wide 16 oz Cup Dispenser
  • 57 pc. Carrier plates with sockets for 16 oz paper cup
  • 2 pc. Large volume filling valves
  • 1 pc. Lidder with lid magazines for 93mm die cut foil lids
  • 1 pc. Tack seal unit
  • 1 pc. Heat seal unit set up for 93mm die cut foil lids
  • 1 pc. Horizontal eject mechanism
  • 1 pc. Low ride conveyor with packing shelves