Complete ESL Bottling System

30-Valve Filler with a 36-Clamp Bottle Sanitization Rinser and 10-Head Capper

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This well maintained 30-valve filler with a 36-clamp bottle sanitizer/rinser has ALL the support equipment:

  • CIP and SIP skids
  • Chemical supply for rinser
  • Filtration for sterile water and sterile air
  • Tote dumper/hopper for cap elevator and cap sorter
  • Latest cap UV and chemical cap sanitizer
  • Allen Bradley PLC controls
  • $240,000 in spare parts

Federal’s ESL level filling systems are configured to meet or exceed the requirements of each product application. ESL system components include:

  • Container rinsers and sterilizers
  • Sterile air blown containers
  • HEPA enclosures
  • Ultra-hygienic machine design that goes beyond 3-A requirements
  • Hygienic ESL filling valves including E-series valves that never need to be removed for cleaning out of place
  • Sealed filler bowls
  • Steam sterilizable filler bowls
  • Sterile air and sterile water supply systems
  • Sanitizing spray systems
  • Cap sterilizers including UV and chemical sterilants
  • Custom CIP skids

Fill Rates & Specifications:

  • Gallons: 100/minute
  • Half Gallons: 120-150/minute
  • Quarts: 250+/minute
  • Large enough pitch to fit 1 gallon HDPS/PET bottle
  • Equipped with 1″ sanitary valves and CIP trough, 10 head capper, internal CIP wash-down system piping, and automatic level control system