Standard Knapp Continuous Tray Packer and Shrink Wrapper


Standard Knapp Continuous Tray Packer And Shrink Wrapper, Model 296P Continuum, stainless steel side rails, capable of speeds of 70 TPM. 8 Lanes wide; 25″ wide film width, 1.75″ – 6.25″ bottle diameter range, vertical tray magazine for approximately 500 blanks for continuous loading, Nordson Glue station. The 296P Continuum targets the packaging of water bottles, but it also is possible to use it with other materials like glass or metal. It can also be effective in the packaging of beverage containers such as polyethelane terephthalate, PET or HDPE. Shipping dimensions: Skid 1-Main Machine-43 X 8-16,000#Skid 2-Heat Tunnel-15 X 8 -10,000#Skid3-Infeed and lane conveyors-22 X 8 -5,000#Skid 4-Corrugate Magazine- 8 X 8 -2,500#