Sugar Packet & Dry Ingredient Processing

Formerly of Diamond Crystal Brands

Date & Time

January 6-8, 2021


Online Bidding - Savannah, GA


Call 412-765-1170 to Schedule


(7) Ropak 3600/3800 Packets Per Minute Sachet Fillers Model IV

(7) Ropak Sachet Fillers Model III

(3) Sanko 16 Lane Form, Fill, and Seal Automatic Packaging Machines Model SAM-FC1000-C16L

AMS Dual Station Filler

Bartelt Pouch Filler

Angelus Can Seamer Model 40P-DF and All-Fill Can Filler Model DHR, with McBrady Can Washer

Eagle Dual Station Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Packet Filler

Bag Filling and Packet Sorting Line, with Vibratory Feeder

Bodolay Automatic Bagging Machine Model PM 60


Pasteurization & Homogenization

MicroThermics Lab UHT/HTST System with GEA Niro Soavi Homogenizer


2012 Fres-Co Pneumatic Pouch Sealer Model FSU-103

(3) Serpa Vertical Cartoners, Model 2000 VCM, with Nordson Glue Applicators

(6) Ropak Packet Inserters and 4-Lane Sorters

Shanklin Shrink Wrapper, 3M and Loveshaw Little David Tape Machines and Wexxar Box Erector


Metal Detectors & Checkweighers

(7) Mettler Toledo Metal Detectors Model SL 2000

(5) Mettler Toledo Belt Weigh XC, Checkmate 2 and other Check Weighers


Ribbon Blenders

(4) Arch and other S/S Ribbon Blenders


2014 Sullair Screw Air Compressor

2014 Sullair 200 HP, Screw Air Compressor, with Zeks Air Dryer and Receiver


General Plant Equipment

Marsh Ink Jet Printer, Zanasi Z 3000 Printing System, Lan Wrapper and Orion Pallet Wrappers, Pallet Inverters, (8) Nilfisk S/S Explosion Proof Vacuums, Nedco, Arrow Head, Hytrol, Nestaflex Conveyors, Spare Parts, and Portable Ladders,


Pallet Racking

(500+) Sections Pallet Racking


Printing Press & Plate Equipment

(7) Whitt, Miller, Manhasset, and Heinrich, 4-Color and 3-Color Printing Presses with Plate Equipment


Ingredients & Packaging Materials

(26) Pallets 20% and 16% Raw NDC

(9) Pallets Sucralose

(24) Pallets Cerelose

(18) Pallets Dexstar

Vanilla Cylinder Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits

(31 ) Pallets Cane Sugar

(300) Pallets Raw Paper

(120) Pallets Cardboard Boxes