SHORT NOTICE: Surplus Bakery & Refrigeration Equipment

Dough Handling - Pumps & Valves - General Plant & Packaging

Date & Time

March 28-30, 2022



Featured Equipment

  • Walker 275 Gallon Jacketed S/S Tank

  • (2) Pie Lines, with S/S Pan Dropper, Crumb Dropper, Crumb Press and (2) Depositors

  • Cream Unloading System, with Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Air Valves

  • Fedor S/S Dual String Icer, Model: STI-4-005,

  • I/Robot Monitor

  • Kliklok PRESET Commander Carton Former

  • Kliklok PRSXWT Commander Carton Former

  • FES 500 HP Ammonia Screw Compressor, with 2019 Stellar Repaired Head

  • Oakes Continuous Mixer Mounted on S/S Cart, with (2) S/S Control Panels

  • Mettler Toledo 4′ x 8′, 1 to 4 High Speed Conveyor, with S/S Framed Mesh Enclosure

  • Colborne Dough Dumper

  • Hobart Mixer, Model: H-600T S, with attachments, bowls, etc.

  • Excellent Bakery Artofex Mixer, Model: PF-4, with attachments, bowls, etc.

  • S/S Groen benchtop Kettle with attachments

  • True 3-Door S/S Refrigerator, Model: TS-72

  • Hobart 2-Door S/S Refrigerator, Model: DA2