Retort Cold Fill Beverage Facility

Equipment formerly of Blue Beverage

Date & Time

February 24-26, 2021


Online Bidding - 152 Broadway, Haverstraw, NY


Call 412-765-1170 to Schedule

Can & Bottle Filling Lines 

  • Crown 40-Valve Can Filling Line, with Angelus 61H Seamer, 2011 Ionizer Can Rinser, Tap Tone Level Inspector, Nitrogen System, Can Conveyor, and Product Conveyor
  • Fogg 40-Valve Bottle Filling Line, with Crown Capper, Sentry Bottle Rinser and Product Conveyor
  • New as 2011 Arrowhead S/S Product Conveyors, Accumulation Tables, and S/S Retort Basket Loaders

Sleeve Labelers 

  • PDC Shrink Sleeve Labeler Model R300, with S/S Steam Heat Tunnel 
  • NAFM Shrink Sleeve Labeler 

Case Erector & Wrapper 

  • Kisters Kayat Case Erector
  • Kisters Kayat Heat Tunnel
  • Lantech Pallet Wrapper, Palletizer, and Depalletizer 

Kettles & Blend Tanks 

  • (2) Lee 5,000 Gallon S/S Dome Top Vacuum Jacketed Kettles 
  • Mueller 3,000 Gallon Dome Top Come Bottom Jacketed Blend Tank 
  • Mueller 2,000 Gallon Dome Top Cone Bottom Jacketed Blend Tank 
  • Breddo 300 Gallon Jacketed Likwifier 
  • Feldmeier 200 Gallon Dome Top Jacketed Blend Tank 
  • Crepaco, and Mojonnier 5,000 Gallon and 4,000 Gallon Horizontal Jacketed Tanks, with S/S Fronts 

Pasteurizer & Homogenizer 

  • APV R 51 S/S Plate Heat Exchanger 
  • APV Gaulin MS45-4TBS Homogenizer 

CIP System 

  • 2-Tank S/S Skid Mounted CIP System, with S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 


  • (7) Stock 4-Basket Retorts with (5) with New Basket Carriers and Allen Bradley Controls
  • Retort Baskets, Dollies and Mats 


  • Cleaver Brooks 700 HP, 150 PSI Trailer Mounted Boiler 

Reverse Osmosis System 

  • Osmonics 40 GPM Reverse Osmosis System, Model E8-57K-DLX 
  • Aquafine UV Light and Water Filter Skid 

R&D Equipment 

  • Gaulin Laboratory Homogenizer, with Skid Mounted APV Plate Heat Exchanger 
  • Stock Retort 


  • CEM Smart Turbo 5 Moisture Analyzer, Waters ACQUITY UPLC, 2014 Sorvall Centrifuge, Lab Hood, Mettler Toledo pH Meters, Can Need CO2 Calculator and More 

Air Compressors &  Dryers 

  • (2) Atlas Copco 75 HP and 50 HP Screw Air Compressors 
  • (2) Hankison Refrigerated Air Dryers and Vertical Air Receivers 

Refrigeration Equipment 

  • Hydro Thrift Skid-Mounted Pump System 
  • Chester Jensen Freon Ice Builder, Heat Craft Compressor and Evaporator Units 
  • Freezer and Refrigerated Storage Containers 

Nitrous Oxide Tank 

  • 2012 Taylor Whartop 11,555 Lbs. Cap. Vertical Nitrous Tank. 

Maintenance Shop & Spare Parts 

  • Lathe, Press, Man Lift, Horizontal Band Saw, Electrical Components, Bearings, Motors, Gear Reducing Drives and More 

General Food Processing Equipment 

  • WCB Positive Displacement Pumps, Ampco Pumps, S/S Pipe, Air Valves, Chemical Feed Pumps Clamps, and Plate Heat Exchangers 
  • Allen Bradley VFDs
  • (70+) Allen Bradley Powerflex 70, 40, and 4M VFDs up to 25 HP

Bottles & Caps 

  • (400,000+) 9.5 oz. Round and Rectangular Glass Bottles 
  • (200.000+) 8 oz. Plastic Bottles 
  • (1,320) Cartons of Crown Caps For Glass and Plastic Bottles 

General Plant Equipment 

  • Yale Electric Fork Lifts and Pallet Jacks, Pallet Racking, Conveyors, Plastic and Wooden Pallets, Eye Wash Station, and Offices