Nuovo Pasta

Fresh Pasta Equipment

Date & Time

Sept. 13-15, 2021


Stratford, CT


Call 412-765-1170 to schedule


  • MBC Food Machinery Corp. S/S Pasteurizer, with 36″ S/S Belt, Controls and Blower
  • NEW NEVER INSTALLED Blast Freezer Condensing Unit with Bitzer Scroll 4-Stage 125 HP Freon Compressor and Controls, 56.6 Ton Capacity
  • Dominioni Punto & Pasta Sheeter Mixer, Model: A500FDAG
  • Agnelli S/S Pasta Mixer/Sheeter/Laminator
  • Pasta Technologies S/S Sheeter/Mixer Model: SA 540
  • Food Tech S/S Pasta Chiller, Model: RF1130U7P3XL
  • 2014 Toresani Pavan S/S Dumping Mixer, Model: IMPASTARICE HL.1400/2300
  • Yamato 14-Head Scale With S/S Base and Bucket Rack Model: ADW414SY
  • Per Fil S/S Auger Filler, Model: PF-11FG
  • 2011 Cleveland 60 Gallon S/S Kettle, With Scrape Surface Agitator, 100 PSI