Milk, Whey & Soy Evaporating & Drying Facility

Former PROTIENT Plant

Date & Time

May 17, 2011

9:30 AM


Faribault, MN 

Receiving Area

  • Single Receiving Bay with Spray Ball Tank Cleaner, (1) 30 HP Centrifugal Pump, hose, (1) San-Matic S/S 3-tank CIP System with Monarch liquid feed system controls, Air Valves, 5 HP Centrifugal Pump, S/S piping, line items, with work platform, etc.
  • (2) Mueller 20,000 Gallon S/S Crystallizer Silos S/N:D-7595-1 & 2, with Vertical Side Scrape Agitator, Air Valves & Pumps.
  • (2) DCI 15,000 Gallon S/S Crystallizer Silos (CT-5 & 6) S/N:81D-27289-1 &2, with Sweep Agitator, with Ammonia cooling on only one of the two, Air Valves, etc.
  • Crystallizer Area S/S Piping approximately @1,000ft. S/S Piping, Connectors, Fittings, etc., Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with (2) 5HP (2) 10 HP Centrifugal Pumps, (2) 7.5 HP Reeves driven Positive Pumps, etc.
    S/S Silos
  • Mueller 20,000 Gallon S/S Silos S/N:D-7593, with Side Agitator, Air Valves, etc.
  • (2) DCI & Damrow 30,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Silos, S/N: 1994-1 & 1064124 with Side Agitators, Air Valves, etc.
  • DCI 20,000 Gallon S/S Silo, Jacketed for heated or cooled water, Agitator, Air Valves, etc.
  • (9) Centrifugal Pumps includes (2) 3 HP (5) 5 HP, (1) 7.5 HP, (1) 10HP, 3000 lin. Ft. S/S Pipe, Fittings, Flowverter and more servicing the Silos.
    S/S Mix Tanks
  • (2) DCI 3,000 Gallon S/S Jacketed Processors, S/N: 81-D-27289-1 & 2 with Full Sweep Agitators.
  • (2) DCI 800 Gallon S/S Dome Top Cone Bottom S/S Jacketed Processor Tanks, S/N: 75-J2071-2&3&4 with (5) Centrifugal Pumps up to 30 HP, (18) Air Valves, and Work Platform.
  • (4) DCI 500, 400 & 300 Gallon Dome Top, Cone Bottom S/S Jacketed Processor Tanks, S/N: 90D40729-A, 75J2072, 81F-27709, 83F-29475, with (4) 5HP Centrifugal Pumps, 2 HP Reeves Drive Positive Pumps, Air Valves etc.

Separators and Pasteurizer

  • (2) Westfalia CIP Separators, Model: 12006777, S/N:1699579 & 1700110 with Starter Pumps with Allen Bradley Panel Vision 1000 Controls, etc.
  • 2006 Soy Pasteurization System, with (2) Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers Model: M6 (1) with 5 plates and (1) with a Divider and (34) Plates, Holding Tubes, 3 HP Centrifugal Pump, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Air Valves, more.

Buflovak Double Drum Roll Dryer

  • 2008 Rebuilt Buflovak Double Drum Atmospheric Roll Dryer, 60” x 144”, with Spare Drums.

Evaporator / Dryer

  • CE Rogers 2-Effect S/S Evaporator. Input: rated at 35,000#/hr @ 8.75% solids, Output: 44% solids = 6960#/hr. water evap. 38,000 #/hr including Marriott Walker finisher, Marley Cooling Tower Model: Series 220, S/N:222-411, Gaulin High Pressure Pump, Model: 1000-HPMC18-3PS, S/N:12642643
  • CE Rogers S/S 5-Head Box Dryer, 50′ long x 20′ wide x 9.6′ high, with sweep rated at 3800#/hr. includes (6) bag houses, Sweco 48″ sifter. Dryer Packing and Staging Area Equipment includes St. Regis Model: MD90E Bag Sealer, S/N:752299, (1) Chantland PVS 50 Lb. Portable S/S Filler Model:4198, S/N:32449 with Flex Weight digital scale system, Hoffman Secondary Bag Separator Dust collector system with vacuum system, etc..

Likwifier and Blending

  • APV 500 gal Single Shell S/S Liquifier and work platform.
  • 2004 American S/S Process 2500 Lb. Twin Paddle Blender, Model:UF100 S/N:6052 with S/S Frame Platform.
  • 2006 S/S Ribbon Blender 2000 Lb. S/S Paddle Blender with S/S Frame Platform.
  • (2) Flexicon Auger Screw Conveyors, hoppers, air handling and dust collection systems.

Pouch and Bottle Packaging

  • 2000 All-Fill Filler
  • Kaps-All Capper, Model:FA6 S/N:5511
  • Axon EZ-Seal Tamper Evident Neck Band Applicator and Heat Shrink Tunnel
  • Label-Aire Front & Back Labeller Model:6115 NA, S/N: 0199570008,
  • 50’± S/S Frame Product Conveyor

Boilers, Air & Refrigeration Compressors, Material Handling

  • (2) Johnston 600HP Model: 53404 Skid Mounted Boilers S/N: NB4786 & 97; 2006 Rebuild includes Re-Tubed, New Power Flame burners, and starters, (3) soft water units, steam piping and related line items, etc.
  • (2) 10,000 Gallon S/S Horizontal Water Make-Up Tanks (located Outside)
  • (3) Atlas Copco GA air compressors, 100HP Model:75WITH S/N: HOLO31058, 40 HP Model:30 S/N:HOLO20417, 40 HP V15 S/N:HOL070161, (1) Ingersoll Rand 25HP Model:30T, General Pneumatic TK Series Air Drier, Model:TK500A, (2) horizontal receiving tanks, air piping and related line items, etc.
  • Refrigerating system includes (5) Vilter Ammonia Compressors of which (2) Model:VMC 450XL 100HP 6-cycl. S/N:63288, 63287, (3) Model:440 or equal of which (1) 125HP 12 cyl. S/N: 31202, (2) 60/75HP 12 cyl. S/N: 19827AS & 72368, starters, (2) roof mounted Evaporative Condensers, (1) roof mounted ammonia receiving tank, refrigeration blowers in cooler, piping, line items, etc.
  • Material handling, Fork Lifts with extended forks and floor scrubbers include (2) 4000# capacity LP Forklifts (1) CAT GC20 & Hyster S40E, (1) 2700# capacity CAT GC18, (2) Electric Fork Lifts with chargers located off site (1) 4750# capacity Nissan NOIL180, and (1) 3500# capacity CAT, M35D, (1) CAT Factory Model:29 Floor scrubbers , assorted pallet jacks, dollies, etc.
  • Foss Protein Tester 2200, Kjeltec Distillation system, CEM |Lab Wave 9000 Incubator, Blue M Model:SW17TA Incubator, Precision Model:22AK-3 Incubator, Mojonnier Tester, Model:D1190, 40″ Vent Hood with flammable cabinet below, AutoClave American S/S Lab Sterilizer, S/S 2-door Refrig, Refrig/Freezer, Colony Counter, Microscope, ~84 lin.ft. Lab counter with ~16 lin.ft. Above counter cabinets and ~20 lin.ft. Floor to ceiling glass door cabinets, misc. other lab glassware and utensils, etc.

Maintenance Shop

  • Maintenance Shop includes ~ 20 ton shop press, (2) drill presses, (1) Supermax 2 HP Mill with powered table, (2) abrasive saw, (2) Miller low amp stick welders, (1) Miller 185 wire feed welder, PAK38XL plasma cutter, Supermax tool room lathe, LE-1338, Burning set-up with tanks, Bench grinder, (2) work tables, hand tools, ladders, tool bits, maintenance office, shelving, etc.
  • Misc. Fittings, piping, connectors, nuts, bolts, motors, spare parts for equipment throughout the plant, off site warehouse and in trailers and containers.
    General Plant Equipment – Electrical
  • Misc. other plant equipment and furnishings including Ver-Tech Model:M60 STD Bailer, S/N:60834STD, Wulftec pallet wrapper, Avery weight-Tronic floor load cell scale 5000# cap x 1 #, (~10) S/S tables 4/5/6′ long, some with back splash, (4) chemical storage tanks, (~6) portable wire shelving units, 12 bays x 3 high x 9/10 pallet deep roll thru rack storage system, plant break room, employee lockers, plant offices, etc.
  • Motor Control Centers including (1) GE MCC with 28 panels having 6 breakers each and (1) panel with 4 breakers(1) GE 8000 MCC in Compressor Room with 8 panels of there are 4 full panel breakers, and a total of 14 breakers, 2 _ size breakers, 1 double size breakers
    Propane Tanks

Propane Tanks

  • (2) 18,000 Gallon above ground fenced in Propane horizontal storage tanks with filling station and plumbed to facility for backup fuel for boilers and dryer

Additional Items

  • (3) 40′ Storage trailers and (4) 40′ storage containers


  • 48,000 sq. ft. Food Grade facility on 3.5 Acres
  • Located 45 miles south of Minneapolis in Faribault, MN