LATE MODEL Processing, Blow Molding, Packaging, Refrigeration and General Plant Equipment

Western Dairy Specialties

Date & Time

December 1, 2010

9:30 AM


Birch Dr., Yerington, NV 89447


  • (2) 2008 Relco EZ Access All S/S Tanker Receiving Platforms Complete with Pneumatic Retractable Wings, Stairs, Handrails, Grate Type Floors, (2) S/S Tanker Spray Ball Cleaners and Transfer Hoses
  • (2) 2008 Tetra Pak Laval Pak Skid Mounted S/S Air Elimination Systems Complete with Pods, Alfa Laval 3″ Air Valves, On-Line Filter Systems, Accurate 3″ Flow Meters with Read-Outs and Printer (Located in Lab), Related S/S Piping and Controls
  • (4) Re-Verber-Ray Radiant Heaters, (2) 2-Door Storage Cabinets with Tanker Supplies
  • 2008 Tetra Pak S/S Plate Milk Cooling Press Model C10-SR: SN 30110-66475, Complete with (1) Divider, (174) Plates with Air Actuated Valves
  • 2008 Tetra Pak S/S Plate Milk Cooling Press with Valves
  • Micromotion Flow Meters; Anderson Readouts and Printers


  • 2008 Tetra Pak Designed Raw CIP System Complete with (3) 500 Gallon Feldmeier Tanks, Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pump, Endress Hauser 2.5″ Flow Meter, Multiple Alfa Laval Air Valves, Control Valves, Traps, Various Sensors, Related Installed S/S Piping with PLC Controls Including Optek 4000 Display
  • 2008 Tetra Pak Designed Raw CIP System Complete with (3) 500 Gallon Feldmeier Tanks, S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, (3) Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pumps, Endress Hauser 2.5″ Flow Meter, Multiple Alfa Laval Air Valves, Control Valves, Traps, Various Sensors, Related Installed S/S Piping with Allen Bradley PLC Controls with Panelview Plus 1250 Display Including Optek 4000 Display
  • 2008 Feldmeier 2,000 Gallon Dome Top S/S Reclaim Tank with Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pump and Alfa Laval Air Valves
  • 2008 Feldmeier 1,900 Gallon Pasteurized CIP Hot Water Dome Top S/S Tank with Alfa Laval Air Valves


  • (3) 2008 60,000 Gallon Feldmeier Jacketed S/S Silos, SN N-815-06, N-816-06 AND N-817-06, with All S/S Exterior, Horizontal Agitator, Level Sensors, Alfa Laval Air Valves with (3) Tetra Pak 7.5 HP Centrifugal Pumps
  • (3) 2008 30,000 Gallon Feldmeier Jacketed S/S Silos, SN N-818-06, N-819-06 AND N-820-06, Complete with S/S Exteriors Horizontal Agitator, Alfa Laval Air Valves, Level Sensors, (3) Alfa 15 HP and (1) 5 HP Centrifugal Pumps
  • (3) 2008 Tetra Pak Skid-Mounted UV Systems Complete with UV Nutri-Pure Sanitary Conditioners with Tetra Pak Spiral Flo Tubular Heat Exchangers, Mounted Controls, Tetra Pak Air Valves, Control Valves, Sensors, Traps with 2.5″ Flowverter Stations
  • 2008 Feldmeier 20,000 Gallon Jacketed S/S Silo, SN N-821-06, Complete with All S/S Exterior, Level Sensor, Tetra Air Valves
  • 2008 Feldmeier 20,000 Gallon Jacketed S/S Silo, SN N-822-06 Complete with All S/S Exterior, Alfa Laval 4″ Butterfly Valves, Flow Meter, Level Sensor, Anderson AJ-300 Chart Recorder, Fristam 20 HP Centrifugal Pump, Sump Pump with Allen Bradley Controller
  • (2) 2008 Feldmeier 10,000 Gallon Jacketed S/S Silos, SN N-823-06 & N-824-06, Complete with All S/S Exterior, Vertical Agitators, Level Sensors with Alfa Laval Air Valves, (2) Alfa Laval 10 HP Centrifugal Pumps and Air Eliminator


  • 2008 Feldmeier 3,000 Gallon Dome Top Cone Bottom Jacketed S/S Tank, SN 1295-06, 150 psi with Top Access Door, Alfa Laval Air Valves, 3″ Bottom Outlet


  • 2008 Siemens 50 GPM Skid Mounted RO System, SN OB125-0100, Complete with (4) 12’ x 8″ Tubes, Shelco Inline Filter System, Grundfos Pump, S/S Salt Tank, Resin Anti Scale Tank with Pump, Aquafine UV System Model HX0ZCDL, Allen Bradley PLC Controls with Panelview 700 Display, Aquionics S/S UV System, Type FSI, SN 11172 with 4″ Inlet
  • (2) 2008 Alfa Laval 15 & 20 HP Centrifugal Pumps, Boiler RO Supply Pump Circulating System with (2) B&G 1.5 HP Pumps with Alfa Laval Air Valves


  • 2008 Tetra Pak 7,500 GPH HTST System with Press Model C10-SH: SN 30110-66477, with (3) Dividers, (404) Plates, 4″ Nested Holding Tube, Tri Clover Flow Diversion Valve, Large Balance Tank, (3) Alfa 2, 5 and 25 HP Centrifugal Pumps, Endress Hauser Flow Meters, Alfa Laval Multiple Tetra Pak Air Valves, Control Valves, Related S/S Piping, PLC Controls with Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1500 Display, Computer Monitoring System with Anderson Controller, Skid-Mounted S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger For Milk HTST System
  • 2008 Tetra Pak 1,800 GPH Cream HTST System Model C8-SH: SN 30110-66, Complete with (2) Dividers, (174) Plates, Skid Mounted Balance Tank, 2″ Nested Holding Tube, Tri Clover Flow Diversion Valve, (2) Alfa Laval 5 & 10 HP, Centrifugal Pumps, Endress Hauser Flow Meter, Multiple Alfa Laval Air Valves, Control Valves, Various Sensors, PLC Controls with Allen Bradley Panelview 1500 Display, Computer Monitoring System with Anderson Controller, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Pumps, Traps and Control Valve and Alfa Plate Press Model M6-MDFG: SN 30110-72078
  • 2008 Tetra Pak Skid Mounted Raw Cream Chill Press System Complete with Tetra Pak S/S Press Model TETRA-PLEX-C6-SR: SN 30110-66473, (80) Plates, (2) Balance Tanks, Alfa Laval 5 and 7.5 HP Centrifugal Pumps, Air Valves, Control Valves, Sensors with Related S/S Piping


  • 2008 Tetra Pak CIP Separator Type HMRPX 618-HGV-74C-60: SN 4138532/2007, 4250 RPM, Complete with Alfa Laval 15 HP Centrifugal Pump, (2) Solartron Density Transducers, Endress Hauser Flow Meters, Control Valves, Tetra Pak Air Valves, Related S/S Piping, Allen Bradley PLC Controls with Panelview Plus 1000
  • 2008 Tetra Pak Homogenizer Model: Tetra Alex 400, Type TA400/175 BAR, 5-Piston Design with Controls


  • 2008 Tetra Pak 1,560 GPH Tetra Pak Alcross Microfiltration System, (13) S/S Tubes, (2) Additional Expansion Slots, (4) Tetra Pak Spiraflo Heat Exchangers, (2) Tetra Pak 30 and 40 HP Centrifugal High Sear Pumps, (1) 5 HP Centrifugal Pump, Endress Hauser Flow Meters, Control Valves, Various Sensors, Multiple Alfa Laval Air Valves, Related S/S Piping, PLC Controls with Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 and Optek Control 4000


  • 2008 Serac 100 GPM Capacity Monoblock Style ESL Filler Model R16R16R16 V8/1080: SN 284A, Complete with (3) 18 Station Filler Bowls, 8-Station Screw Capper, Portola Cap Sorter, Fuller Enclosed HEPA Filtration System, S/S Balance Tank, (3) Alfa Laval and Fristam 2, 7.5 and 15 HP Centrifugal Pumps, Alfa Laval Air Valves, Elevated Cap Hopper, PLC Controls with Touch-Pad Display
  • 2008 Showcase System Gripper-Type Bottle Elevating Conveyor, Model 1 HP Inverter: SN A07414/56
  • 2008 Quadrel 4-Station Inline Bottle Labeling System Model Versaline: SN 58204-01020304, with Mounted S/S Product Conveyor System
  • 2008 Quadrel Portable Labeler Model Q65: SN 79026-01, with S/S Stand
  • Pillar Tech Induction Sealer Model Unifoiler U2P1702000014
  • (2) Video Jet Ink Jet Coders Model 1310: SN 08077002CWD AND 071901007WD
  • 200’+ S/S Product Conveyor System Complete with 3.25″ Plastic Chain, Reject System, Adjustable Rails, S/S Legs and Ceiling Mounts, Sew Drives, Sensors and Controls
  • 2008 Dimac Bundler / Heat Shrink Tunnel, Model Green Store Big F: SN 1771, Complete with Orienter, Lane Dividers, Shrink Tunnel, Allen Bradley PLC Controls with Panelview Plus 1000, outfeed S/S Product Conveyor System
  • (2) 2008 Quadrel UPC Labelers Model Q55: SN 79693-01 and 79693-02, Mounted On S/S Stands, Labeler Manual Lift


  • 2008 AIDCO Robotic Star Palletizing System Complete with Fanuc Robot M-410iB Y50 with Allen Bradley PLC Controller, Corrugated Tray Former with Melton Gluer and Blower, Pallet Dispenser
  • 2008 Robopac Sistemi Pallet Wrapper, Model Helix HS30: SN 4007040154 with Conveyor Beds, Allen Bradley Panelview 600 Display, Slautterback Gluer
  • 2008 Wulftec Pallet Wrapper, Model WRT-150, S/S 50435-1-0109


  • (2) 2008 Uniloy Milacron 6-Wide Blow Molders Model R2000: SN N01A0100122 and N01A0100123, Equipped with Cooling Beds, Trimmers, Model 100412: SN N01A0100123, N01A0100122 with Allen Bradley Controls Including Plastech LT2-2 Series Leak Detectors
  • (2) 2008 Foremost Resin Blenders Model AT-4521-VII: SN 43416 and 43417, Resin Storage Hopper
  • Foremost 10 HP Blower Model VMF-10-25: SN 43422
  • (2) 2008 Rotogran 30 HP Resin Regrinders Model WO-1418-SSP: SN HP1418SSP0708191WO and HP1418SSP0708190WO with Blowers
  • 1,000’+ Showcase Systems Half Gallon and Gallon Aluminum Jug Conveyor System, Complete with Inclines, Drives, Switches, Diverters, Controls with Mounts
  • 2008 Olympus Hall Effect Thickness Gauge Magna Mike 8500 with Computer System
  • 2008 Columbian Tec Tank Aluminum Vertical Resin Silo Complete with Bottom Compartment Resin Handling Equipment
  • 2008 Ball & Jewell Resin Regrind: Model SB15/615A-11X: SN 6380-122849 with Hopper Located Outside in Modular Building


  • (3) 2008 Vilter Skid Mounted Packaged Glycol Chilled Ammonia Compressors Complete with 300 HP Screw Compressors Model VSS751A25228AA: SN 3871, 3845 and 3851, Vision-Micro Controllers, Ram Starters, (3) Alfa Laval Presses Model MK-15-BWFD: SN 3011-67898, 899 and 900, Horizontal Receivers, Oil Separators and Valves
  • (6) 2008 Vilter 3-Fan Cooler Evaporator Blowers, Model SC-24-84-1/2-RB-HGP: SN 2022-1-2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • (3) 2008 Vilter 323.8 Ton Evaporative Condensers Model VSA-396: SN 0070516901, 2 & 3, with Resin Condensation Tanks with Pumps, (2) Armstrong Plate Presses, Valves and Related Piping
  • Complete Ammonia System with Piping, Etc.


  • (3) 2008 Petra Roof Mounted Air Handling Systems, Models PAHHC120C6, PAHHC150C10, PAHHC120C12: SN 50116-0101101, 50116-0301101, 50116-0201101, 460V 3-Phase with Duct Work
  • Thousands Of Feet Of 1.5″ – 3″ S/S Piping Located Throughout Facility Complete with Alfa Laval Valves, Sanitary Fitting, Clamps, Flowverter Stations, Micro Motion Flow Meters, Other Flow Meters, Hangers and Related Items


  • (2) 2008 Ingersoll Rand 100 HP Screw Air Compressor Model SSR-EP100: SN CK7786U07177 and CK7785U07176
  • (2) 2008 Hankinson Air Dryer Model HBP500: SN 1285013-1-1 & 2, with (1) Steel Vertical Receiver
  • Air System Traps, Regulators & Filters
  • (3) 2008 Miura 150 HP Steam Boilers Model LX-150-05: SN 47S472142, 43 & 44, Natural Gas with Digital Readout
  • 2008 Buckeye Boiler Feed System with (3) Grundfos Pumps, Spirax/Sarco LC2610 Controller with Valves, Related Piping and S/S Square Drain Tank
  • Boiler Systems Include: Valves, Regulators, Hose Steam Mixing Station and Related Items


  • 2008 Foss Milkotester Model TM FT2 with HP Computer System, Foss Fossomatic TM Minor Integrator with HP Computer System, Advanced Instruments Cryoscope Model 4250, Market Forge Sterilmatic Autoclave, Nikon 3-Optic Microscope Type Eclipse E200, Air Science USA Fume Hood Model P5, Barnstead Type 176000 P.I. Incubator, Atkins Hand Held Thermometer, Neogen Accupoint, Symbol UPC Scanner, Charm Hand Held Rosa Reader with Incubator and Printer, Reichert Colony Counter, Lab-Line III Incubator, True 2-Door Upright S/S Refrigerator, Barnstead / Lab Line Incubator, Thermo Lindberg / Blue M Oven Model WB1110A-1, Rainin Hand Held Pipette, Ohaus Adventurer SL Analytical Digital Scale, Advanced Heating Block, Advanced Fluorophos Test System Model FLM 200, Zebra Printer Type 110Xilll Plus, Lab Furniture with Sink Dishwasher, Manitowoc Ice Maker


  • Ridgid 300 Pipe Threader; Dayton 20′ Drill Press, Model 3Z919F; Dayton 6 x 9 Belt/Disc Sander; Dayton Double End Grinder; Steel Workbenches with Vise and Arbor Press; (2) Just Rite Flammable Cabinets; (6) Stanley Vidmar Cabinets; Motorola 2-WayRadios; Ceiling Mounted Hose Reels; Steel Racks with Large Assortment of Tools by Milwaukee and Others Including Cordless Drills, Sawzalls, Grinders, Circulating Saws, Band Saw, Chop Saw and More; (4) Assortment Craftsman Tool Boxes with Various Hand Tools; Burning Cart; Cart with Mounted Transformer; Cart with (3) Miller Welders, Type Millermatic 140, Spectrum 625 and Econo-Tig with Mounted Transformer and Vise & More


  • Large Assortment of Spare Parts Throughout Facility Including Parts for Most Major Machinery Including Motors, Drives, Electrical Components, Drive Parts, Plumbing Fittings Centrifugal & Other Pump Kits, Sanitary Valves & Fittings with Supporting Parts Inventory for Re-Gasket & Rebuilding & More


  • (2) Jungheinrich 48 Volt Sit-Down Electric Forklifts, Type EFG-220, Model SH-4-0980, S/N 190907 and 290807 with GNB Chargers
  • Jungheinrich Electric Pallet Jack, Type EJE116
  • 22-Sections 3-High Pallet Racking
  • Mitsubishi 36 Volt Electric Sit-Down Forklift, Model FBC18K, S/N A3BC130209, 1900 lb. Capacity, 188″ 3-Stage Lift with Charger; JLG Electric Man-Lift, Model 20MSP, S/N 0130009667, 19 ft. 5″ H; TI-Trak Rough Terrain Forklift, Model 60362, S/N 6139 with 3-Stage Boom, Advanced Floor Scrubber, Model Warrior ST: Power Elite; Floor Buffer; Kubota Golf Cart


  • Designed 6-Door Panel, Complete with (43) Allen Bradley Power Flex 70 VFD’s with Siemens Starters & Allen Bradley Breakers, Also Including Control Box with Allen Bradley PLC Controller Model 5561
  • (2) Allen Bradley Centerline Bul 2100 7 and 23-Bucket Motor Control Center with Allen Bradley VFD’s
  • Eaton – Cutler Hammer 4000 Amp Main Switchboard Panel, 480Y/277, 3 Phase, GO #SSR86548 with Breaker Interface Module with Breakers; Emerson Liebert 40 KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply; (2) ETN-Cutler Hammer 800 and 100 Amp Breaker Panels, 480Y/277V, 3 Phase; Other Breaker Panels & Transformers


  • 2008 Caterpillar 37.5 KVA Diesel Generator Set, S/N CL00025, 488Y/277 Volts 3 Phase
  • 12-Station Outside Trailer Power Sources
  • Main Switch Panel Outside Door


  • S/S Pumps, Air Valves, Piping Located Throughout Facility; COP Tanks, ETC.
  • Air Valve Clusters by Tetra Pak 4-Valve 2.5″, 6-Valve 2.5″ and 3″, 7-Valve 3″
  • (2) 2,500 Gallon Vertical Resin Chemical Storage Tanks with (13) Resin Diaphragm Pumps, Resin Vertical Non Potable Water Tank with Filters and Pumps
  • 16-Station Chemical Feed System Complete with (19) Plastic Diaphram Pumps, Ecolab and LMI Feed Pumps and Controllers, 1″ S/S Piping Running To Outside Chemical Building and Various Stations throughout Plant
  • Eco Care Boot Sanitizer Stations, Rubber Bath Mats, Other Chemical Feed Pumps, Barrel Handling Equipment Including Containment, Dollies, Etc.


  • Trak International 6,000 lb. capacity 4×4 Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift
  • Kubota 4×4 Cart
  • Ford Flatbed Truck
  • Tandem Axle Storage Trailers
  • Cold Storage Container with Carrier Refrigeration Unit