Krones Low Acid ESL Filling Line

Shamrock Farms Dairy

Date & Time

April 19-21, 2017

11:00 am


Phoenix, AZ

Krones Low Acid ESL Filling Line: 400 Bottles per Minute; Bottle Sizes 8-32 Ounce – 105 Day Shelf Life on Low Acid Beverages

  • Krones Sleevematic Labeler with S/S Steam Heat Tunnel Leading to:
  • 200’+ S/S Neck Handled PET Bottle Air Conveyor with Fully Automated and Adjustable Open / Close for Multiple Neck Sizes
  • Lowerating Decline Bottle Conveyor Leading to S/S Table Top Infeed Conveyor;
  • 27′ x 33′ S/S Panel Enclosed Environmentally Controlled Clean Room with Hermetically Separated Sterile Area Containing:
  • Krones 54-Station Neck-Handled Rotary Bottle Sanitization Rinser; 54-Station Neck-Handled Rotary Flush Rinser; and 54-Valve Neck-Handled Low Acid Product Filler;
  • Fords Tamper Evident Foil Applicator with Delivery Track to Fords 25-Station Rotary Tamper Evident Foil Heat Sealer;
  • GEA Tuchenhagen Dairy Systems 3-Tank Sterilized Water Skid-Mounted CIP System
  • EcoLab Skid-Mounted Sterilization System with S 425 Topax Hygiene System; (2) Additional Skid-Mounted Low Acid Product Sterilization Systems
  • Arol 12-Head Stand-Alone Screw Capper with Centrifugal Cap Sorter, Set up for 38mm Caps
  • Gassner S/S Cap Hopper with S/S Incline Elevating Conveyor and Cap Chute leading to Arol Capper
  • Krones CheckMat Level Inspection System with Auto Reject
  • Finished Product S/S Table Top Bottle Conveyor with Elevating Incline Conveyor
  • Complete Krones System Controls including: Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controls, Allen Bradley PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drives, Etc.


  • 2013 OsioPack Sleeve Labeler, Model: OS-SL7000S, SN: 13084415 with S/S Steam Shrink Tunnel, Model: SS-3000T Operated at 350 BPM


  • (2) DCI 2,000 Gallon Dome-Top, Dish-Bottom S/S Insulated Blend Tanks with Horizontal Agitators