Hiland Dairy Milk Processing Equipment

Silos, Tanks, General Dairy Equipment

Date & Time

March 22-24, 2022


Online Bidding - Equipment in Tulsa, OK

S/S Silos, Processors & Tanks

Mueller 50,000 Gallon Jacketed S/S Silo, with Horizontal Agitation

(2) DCI 30,000 Gallon Jacketed S/S Silos, with Horizontal Agitation

(3) Mueller 20,000 Gallon Jacketed S/S Silos, each with Vertical Agitation

Mueller 2,000 Gallon Dome-Top S/S Processor Tank

Cherry Burrell 1,200 Gallon Dome-Top S/S Processor Tank

Walker 1,000 Gallon Dome-Top S/S Processor Tank

Alfa Laval S/S Separator, Model: HMRPX-318, S/N 2937054

3-Tank Skid-Mounted CIP System

Wexxar Automatic Case Former, Model: WF-2H

Liqui-Box Semi-Automatic Bag-In-Box Filler, Model: 1000C1B0

2021 REBUILT Superior 250 HP Natural Gas Boiler Model 8-X-1250-S150, 150 PSI, Retubed in 2021

(2) GEA 450 HP Ammonia Screw Compressors (2009), Model: TR-T26555-28

(8) Vilter Ammonia Reciprocating Compressors, 60 – 100 HP

NEW Century Air-Cooled Condensing Unit, Model: DS25H7

Large Assortment of SPX Positive Displacement Pumps, Fristam Centrifugal Pumps, Endress Hauser Flow Meters, Tri Clover Air Valves and more

Complete Spare Parts Inventory for Federal Fillers, Cannon Case Handling and More