Fruit & Juice Processing Facility

Yakima Fruit Works

Date & Time

May 3, 2017

9:00 am


8100 Postma Road, Moxee, WA 98936

DCI 2,000 Gallon S/S Processors

  • (3) DCI 2,000 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom Jacketed S/S Processor Tanks, each with Vertical Bottom-Sweep Agitation, S/S Dual-CIP Spray Balls, S/S Baffles and Tank Ladders

APV Evaporator and Pasteurizer

  • APV Skid-Mounted Evaporator : SN 112-00186, Operated at 2 Gallons Per Minute Water Removal Rate, Including: S/S Calandria, 30″ APV Separator, APV Plate Heat Exchanger with (64) S/S Plates, Centrifugal Pumps and Sterling Vacuum Pump, Steam and Pressure Regulators, Assorted S/S Valves and S/S Control Cabinet with Allen Bradley Controls
  • APV 1,200 Gallons Per Hour Skid-Mounted Pasteurizer Including: 4-Zone S/S Frame Plate Heat Exchanger with (77) S/S Plates (31, 20, 16 and 10), 50 Gallon S/S Balance Tank with Lid, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Size 60 Positive Displacement Timing Pump with Gear Reducer and 5 HP 1,680 RPM Motor, Hot Water Centrifugal Pump with 2 HP 1,750 RPM Motor, 4-Pass 8′ x 2″ S/S Holding Tube (Adjustable 30 Second Holding Time), Piccolo-Style S/S Heat Exchanger, APV 3-Way 2″ S/S Air Valve, APV S/S 3-Way Plug Valves, APV Pressure Gauges, Washdown Control Panel with Telemecanique Alitvar 31 Adjustable Speed Drive Controller and Chart Recorder, Skid Dimensions = 99″ Width x 71″ Depth x 104″ Height
  • Cherry Burrell Skid-Mounted S/S Frame Plate Heat Exchanger Model 435SBL-1, Mounted on S/S Frame
  • Enerquip 9′ S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and (2) 42″ S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

S/S Hot Break Tank and S/S Blend Tanks

  • L & A Engineering and Equipment 1,900 Gallon S/S Hot Break Tank with Vertical Heated Dual-Coil Agitation, Mounted on S/S Frame
  • 2,150 Gallon Dome-Top Sloped-Bottom S/S Tank
  • 1,765 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom S/S Tank with Vertical Agitation, (4) S/S Baffles and S/S CIP Spray Ball
  • 500 Gallon Dual Hinged-Lid Cone-Bottom S/S Tank with Vertical Agitation
  • (3) 500 Gallon S/S Tanks with High-Shear Vertical Agitation and Lightnin’-Style Agitation
  • 300 Gallon 2-Compartment S/S Tank
  • (2) 175 Gallon S/S Tanks

Ultra-Filtration and Powder Blending

  •  Ultra-Filtration System Including: (4) 4″ x 8′ S/S Vessels Containing (2) Membranes Each, (8) 1.5″ S/S Butterfly Valves, Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • 12 Cubic Foot S/S Ribbon Blender Mounted on S/S Frame with 44″ x 48″ S/S Platform and Stairs
  • S/S Powder Blending Table with (2) Centrifugal Pumps, Mounted on Portable S/S Frame
  • 48″ x 24″ S/S Platform with Step, 19″ Clearance
  • Ultra-Filtration Pilot Unit with (1) 4′ S/S Vessel (1 Membrane), Mounted on Portable S/S Base
  • S/S Powder Coating Tumbler with Drive


  • Central Weigh Model BHT23A Scale Filler : SN 3170204, with (2) Load Cell Measuring Devices, (3) Vibratory Feeders and Einstein Controller, Runs up to 25 Batches per Minute
  • Lock Metalchek 2″ Pipeline Metal Detector with Reject Valve, Mounted on S/S Frame
  • Bel Pressure Sensitive Case Taper Model 150, Mounted on Casters
  • S/S Frame 48″ and 60” Rotary Pack-Off Tables
  • 10′ Length S/S Frame UV Light Conveyor with 12″ Width Belting and Sani-Ray Model RRD-36-2S
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Video Jet 43S Single-Head Ink Jet Coder, Mounted on Portable S/S Base
  • Apolo Solid-Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer Model CBS1010-C1, Mounted on Portable Height-Adjustable S/S Base

Positive Displacement Pumps, S/S Diaphragm Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, Mounted on Portable S/S Carts

  • Waukesha Cherry Burrell Size 130, Size 060 and Size 030 Positive Displacement Pumps, S/S Diaphragm Pumps, Fristam Centrifugal Pumps Models FPX742-180 and FPX-115, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Centrifugal Pump Model 2065HV, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Centrifugal Pump Model 2065LV, APV Puma Centrifugal Pump Size 2″-2″-9″, Centrifugal Pump with 3 HP 1,765 RPM Motor, MORE

Large Array S/S Fittings & Line Items & Scales

  • S/S Inline Filters, Koltek 3-Way S/S Plug Valves, S/S Butterfly Valves, Anderson S/S Level Sensors Model SE110891, S/S Load Cells, Assorted S/S Pressure Gauges, Tel-Tru S/S Thermometers, Assorted S/S Elbows, Assorted S/S Reducers, Assorted S/S Tees, S/S Sample Valves, S/S Clamps & Caps, NEW Assorted Rubber Gaskets, S/S Magnetic Traps, S/S Pressure Overflow Valves, S/S CIP Spray Balls, 2-Way S/S Tank Air Valves, Tri Clover S/S Air-Actuated Butterfly Valve with Control Tops, 2.5″ 3-Way S/S Air Valves, Mettler Toledo 125 LB and 100 LB Capacity Tabletop and Floor Scales, Rice Lake 10,000 LB Capacity Platform Scale, Product Transfer Hoses


  • Parker 115 HP Natural Gas Fired Boiler Model 105-115, 125 Max PSI, 4,830,000 BTU/HR
  • Boiler Water Feed Skid Including (2) Circulation Pumps and 200 Gallon Tank
  • 350 Gallon Capacity Parker Boiler Vertical Air Blow Down Tank, 125 Max PSI
  • York 25-Ton Chiller Model LCHA25-46E
  • Custom Care Water Technologies 2-Tank Water Softener
  • Atlas Copco 20 HP Screw Air Compressor, 127 Max PSI, with 120 Gallon Horizontal Air Receiver

Material Handling

  • Hyster 4,800 LB Capacity Propane Forklift Model S50XM, with Side Shift, 3-Stage Mast, 189″ Max Reach and Solid Tires
  • Komatsu 4,690 LB Capacity Gasoline Powered Forklift Model FG 25T-8, with Side Shift and Air-Filled Tires, 128″ Max Reach
  • Magliner 16,000 LB Capacity Mobile Dock Lift Ramp Model ME-16-70-36-6L
  • (5) 5,550 LB Capacity Pallet Jacks
  • Valley Craft 1,500 LB Capacity Forklift Barrel Attachment Model 3818
  • NEW 48″ x 48″ Wood Pallets and 40″ x 48″ Wood Pallets


  • (18) MacroBin 33 Plastic Bins, Dimensions = 45″ x 48″ x 30″ Height, each with Plastic Cover
  • NEW SpaceKraft 330 Gallon Containers Item # 8100027 and NEW SpaceKraft 330 Gallon Cassettes Item # 6200134, with (3) Shrouds
  • NEW SpaceKraft 275 Gallon Containers Item # 8100024 and NEW SpaceKraft 275 Gallon Cassettes & Shrouds Item # 7000107
  • (150+) 55 Gallon Steel Drums, each with Lid and Ring
  • 55 Gallon Plastic Barrels, each with Lid and Ring
  • Hercules Industries High Level Hydraulic Barrel Dumper


  • (4) Full Pallets of 20 Kilogram Bags Axiom Foods Pea Protein Isolate, 80%
  • DSM Validase BAA 1000L Enzyme in 20 KG Drums

Maintenance Shop

  • Troy-Bilt 8000 Watt Portable Gasoline Powered Generator with Briggs and Stratton 15 HP Engine, Shark Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer Model SGP-303037, 3,000 PSI, Honda GC 190 Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer, Jobox 36″ and 48” Heavy Duty Chests, Miller Econotig Welder Stock # 903367, with Portable Cart, Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter, Lincoln Electric PowerMig 180C Welder with Tank and Cart, (2) Acetalyene Torches each with Cart and (2) Tanks, Fasco Super Cat Blower


  • Over 8,000’ S/S Piping, Siemens and Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives, Barrel Dollies, S/S Platforms and Ladders, NEW Zurn Aquasense Sensor Lavatory Faucets Model Z6915, Control Panels with Variable Frequency Drives, 3-Phase 240 Volt Starters Mounted in Control Panels, Bug Lights, S/S Sinks, Food-Grade Magnets, Portable Foamers and over (200) Bargreen Ellingson S/S Hotel Pans, 4″ Depth