Fluid Milk, Cultured Products & Ice Cream

Former H.P. Hood Facility

Date & Time

November 16, 2010

9:30 AM


2527 Catherine Street, Bristol, VA 24201

HTST Systems, Homogenizers and Separator

  • APV Crepaco 5000 GPH. HTST System, w/ Press Model CR5, s/n 17164, w/ 3 Dividers, 69/91/30/175 Plates, w/ Snap In Gaskets, Wide Gap Plates for Yogurt and High Viscosity Products, WCB Flow Diversion Valve, Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Hot Water Set, WCB Air Valves, and Tri Clover Pumps.
  • APV Crepaco 5000 GPH. HTST System, w/ Press Model CR5, s/n 17613, w/ 2 Dividers, 37/129/32 AGC Plates, Tri Clover Flow Diversion Valve, Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Hot Water Set, Mag Flow Meter. Fristam and Tri Clover Pumps, and Tri Clover Air Valves.
  • 1999 APV Gaulin 5000 GPH. 2 Speed Homogenizer, w/ HVA, Model G132Q-2.5P, s/n 199924102228, w/ Allen Bradley Spare Parts Package.
  • Gaulin MC75 Homogenizer, w/MicroGap Valve Assembly.
  • Alfa Laval 5000 GPH. Warm Milk CIP Separator Model MRPX-418 HGV, s/n 4011249, Bearings and Spindle Rebuilt 2008, w/ Spare Parts Package.
  • APV Cream Pasteurizer, w/ Press Model SR15S-S, s/n 17984, Positive Displacement Pump, Balance Tank and Tri Clover Centrifugal Pump.
  • (2) HTST Controllers, w/ Anderson Differential Pressure Controllers Model AV9900, Temperature Controllers, and S/S Cabinet.
  • 2003 AGC Cooling Press Model PRO2/SH, s/n 03389.
  • 1999 APV Cooling Press Model R56SH, s/n 426291, w/ New Style Plates.
  • 2004 APV Waste Treatment Cooling Press Model SR2-R14, s/n 20043003000863, w/ Snap In Gaskets, Wide Gap Plates for High Viscosity Products.
  • APV Paraflow Cooling Press Model HX, s/n MC300-2639.

Verti-Stir Cheese Vats

  • (4) Stoelting 3,500 Gallon S/S Verti-Stir Cottage Cheese Vats, s/n 336-924-59-3500-83-1, 2, 3, and 338-045-59-3500-83, w/ Cutting Harps, and Steam Injectors, Pusher, Paddles & More. Internal Vat Structures Completely Rebuilt!
  • Rietz S/S Curd Washer, and Whey Drainer.

(3) Stoelting S/S Curd Finishing Tables

  • (3) Stoelting S/S Curd Finishing Tables, Complete with VertiStir Agitators, and Unloader. Located off-site. Contact Auctioneer at 412-765-1170 for full details.

2004 Delkor Spot Pack – 2004 KHS Shrink Wrapper

  • 2004 Delkor Series 480i Spot Pak s/n SP2132, w/Nordson Series 3700W Gluer, Laning Conveyor, Allen Bradley Micro Logix 5555 PLC, Panel View Plus 1000 Controller, and Spare Parts Package.
  • 2004 KHS Kisters Registered Film Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel Model 601-P, s/n 21704, w/ Top Pad Placer.
  • 2008 Bevco S/S Bottle Rinser Model M150R, s/n J16191, w/ 2008 Crossbow Industrial Water Softener, and Additional Culligan HI FLO 3 Water Softener.
  • Pak Tek Hydraulic Half Gallon Corrugated Caser, Model PTC-HPI-341H1, w/ 10 Hp. Pump System.
  • Combi Top Case Sealer Model TBS100FC, s/n TB10901145972, w/ Little David Micro Jet Ink Jet Coder.
  • Labeling Systems Labeler Model 30-60, s/n 300.100L, w/ Sato Printer Model CL408C.
  • Over 500 Ft. Hytrol Power Roller Conveyor, w/ Span Tech Whisper Trax Gripper Elevator.
  • Dyco 12′ S/S Debaggging Table

Silos and Tanks

  • 2003 Feldmeier 10,000 Gallon All S/S Jacketed Silo, w/ Vertical Agitator and Tri Clover Air Valves, s/n E-575-03.
  • 2004 Mueller 8000 Gallon S/S Jacketed Silo, w/ Horizontal Agitator, s/n D-30806.
  • (2) DCI 25,000 Gallon S/S Jacketed Silos, s/n 1873-1.
  • Damrow 15,000 Gallon S/S Jacketed Silo.
  • 9,000 Gallon S/S Silo.
  • Walker 5,000 Gallon S/S Ammonia Jacketed Tank, w/ S/S Front, and Vertical Agitator, Model 12190, s/n HHT-6511R.
  • (2) Mueller 6,000 Gallon S/S Ammonia Refrigerated Tanks, w/ S/S Fronts, (1) w/ Dual Vertical Agitators, and (1) w/ Single Vertical Agitator.
  • 2002 Feldmeier 3,500 Gallon S/S Tank, w/ S/S Front, and Dual Vertical Agitators, s/n A-491-01.
  • (3) Cherry Burrell 6,000 and 5,000 Gallon S/S Tanks.
  • ADDITIONAL TANKS: (3) Chester Jensen 2,000 Gallon S/S Rectangular Refrigerated Tanks, Model AHM, w/ S/S Fronts, and Vertical Agitators, s/n 754, 627, and 530; (2) Mueller 500 Gallon S/S Porta Tanks; Smith 12,000 Gallon Epoxy Lined Enclosed Liquid Sugar Tank , w/ 2 Pumps.
    S/S Processors & Mix Tanks
  • (2) 2008 Mueller 1,500 Gallon Dome-Top, Dish-Bottom, S/S Vertical Single Shell Mix Tanks, w/ Full Vertical Side Sweep Agitators, Baffles, (8) Tri-Clover Model 761 S/S Air Valves, and Spray Balls.
  • (3) 2,500 and 2,000 Gallon S/S Dome Top Buttermilk Processors, w/ Bottom Sweep Agitators, Baffles and Spray Balls.
  • Girton 1,500 Gallon S/S Processor Model PW-1500, s/n 200356.
  • Cherry Burrell 1,000 Gallon S/S Hinged Lid Processor, Model EPB, s/n 1000-62-987.
  • Crepaco 800 Gallon S/S Single Shell Dome Top Mix Tank, s/n 4024 Mounted On Load Cell, w/ Side Sweep Agitator, Baffle, and Spray Ball.
  • Cherry Burrell 1,500 Gallon Dome-Top, Dish-Bottom Pressure Wall S/S Processor, with Vertical Side Sweep Agitation.
  • Cherry Burrell 1,500 Gallon Dome-Top, Cone-Bottom Pressure Wall S/S Processor, with Vertical Side Sweep Agitation.
  • Groen 150 Gallon Agitated Tilt Kettle.
  • (2) 150 Gallon Jacketed Kettles, with Lightnin Agitators.

(2) Aseptic 5,000 Gal. S/S Horizontal Tanks

  • (2) Walker 5,000 Gallon Aseptic Horizontal S/S Tanks, Mod. FDB01079, S/N HHTA-6576-R, HTTA-6575-R, with 150 PSI Jacket

Evergreen H5 Half-Gallon Filler

  • Evergreen Half-Gallon 2-Lane Gable Top Filler, Model: H-5, SN: 3245R with Fitment Cap System Including: Diversified Capping Cap Hopper, Hoppman Corp. Cap Feeder, Dual Cap Chutes and Single Tank S/S CIP System with Triclover Pump. *2009 Updates Include New Anvil for New Cap Style and New Chain

WCB Ice Cream Filler – (2) CB Ice Cream Freezers – Flavor Tanks – Bundler

  • 2000 WCB Half-Gallon Scround Ice Cream Filler, Model Technohoy Ventura, S/N 41.
  • (2) Cherry Burrell 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezers, Model 3D90.
  • (2) 4-Compartment @ 200 Gal. S/S Flavor Tanks.
  • Shanklin S/S Wrap-around Bundler / Shrink Tunnel.

Breddo Likwifier & Mixing Table

  • Breddo 250 Gallon S/S Likwifier, w/ 25 Hp. Motor.
  • Fristam Powder Mixing Table, w/ 15 HP Self Priming Pump, Shear Pump, and Allen Bradley Controller.

(6) CIP Systems

  • (4) 2-Tank S/S Skid Mounted CIP Systems, w/ Fristam Pumps, Tri Clover Air Valves, and Recorders.
  • (2) Single Tank S/S Skid Mounted CIP Systems, w/ Ampco Pumps, Tri Clover Air Valves, and Anderson Recorders Models, ACR7000 and AJ-300.
  • (4) Plastic Chemical Tanks, w/ Containments, and Plastic Diaphragm Pumps.

S/S Pumps, Valves and Pipe

  • Tri Clover Circulating Pumps, Crepaco Size 3 Positive Displacement Pump, (15) Fristam Pumps, (67) Tri-Clover and Cherry Burrell Air Valves In Various Manifolds up to 3”, 1000’s Ft. S/S Pipe Up To 3”, CIP Tanker Spray Ball Washer, Flow Verter Stations, In Line Filters, Check Valves, Elbows, Transfer Hoses, Clamps, Solenoid Panels, and More.

General Dairy & Food Processing Plant Equipment

  • 10’ and 6’ S/S Jet Spray Wash Troughs, 200 Gallon S/S Tank, Chart Recorders, S/S Tables and Sinks, APV Invensys S/S Skid Mounted Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Model HWRU25015, s/n 925625, Additional Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Bug Zappers, Air Curtains, S/S Sinks, Strahman Mixing Stations, S/S Cross Over Steps and Platforms, (4) Rytec and RITE-HITE High Speed Roll Up Doors, Anderson 16 and 4 Station Digital Level Systems, 20’ x 8’ Walk In Cooler, Laboratory Counters, Allen Bradley 1400E and Panel View Plus 700 Controllers, APV Plate Heat Exchanger Model SR15-S, s/n 1899, Culligan Water Filter Model HI FLO 42, and More.

Boiler Systems

  • Cleaver Brooks 250 Hp. Packaged Boiler, Model CB200-250, s/n L-61560, Natural Gas.
  • Kewanee 250 Hp. Boiler Model H35-250-88, Natural Gas.
  • Johnston 350 Hp. Boiler Model PFA3504LG1505, Natural Gas.
  • 2008 York And Shipley Deaireator System, w/Tank and (3) Pumps.
  • Sentry Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Industrial Steam Blow Down Tank, Chemical Feed System, Culligan Water Softener, and Above Ground Diesel Fuel Tank.


  • (3) Vilter 125 and 100 Hp. 6 Cylinder Ammonia Compressors, Model MC450XL, s/n 66276,65290,and 65243, (1) w/ Benshaw Soft Starter.
  • Evapco Evaporative Condenser Model PMCB-725, s/n 9608L4.
  • (6) Evapco Single Fan Ammonia Freezer Blowers.
  • (4) Evapco 4, 3, 2, and 1 Fan Ammonia Cooler Blowers.
  • (12) Krack 3-Fan Ammonia Cooler Blowers.
  • Uni-Temp Ammonia Circulation System, w/ Tank 2 Pumps, and Defrost Controls, and Additional Circulation System, w/ Vertical Tank and 2 Pumps.
  • (7) Crepaco Ammonia Compressors Up To 200 Hp., Hansen Auto Purger, Crepaco 100,000 Ton Capacity Ammonia Ice Builder, (3) Additional Evaporative Condensers, (3) Glycol Shell and Tube Chillers, Ammonia Receivers, Accumulators, and Additional Ammonia Blowers.
    Sullair Air Compressors, Dryer, Vacuum Pumps

Air Handling Systems

  • 2005 Carrier Air Handler Model 50AW-030AD-611AD, s/n 2607U19194.
  • 2005 Carrier Air Handler Model 39MW40C0105JS11XCS, s/n 2807U21127, Steam Heated Glycol Cooled.

Material Handling

  • Yale 2750 Lb. Capacity Sit Down Propane Fork Lift Model GL030VXNURE082, s/n C809V01650C, 187” Max. Lift, w/ Side Shift and Solid Tiers.
  • Prime Mover 3500 Lb. Capacity Stand Up Electric Fork Lift, Model RRX35, s/n RRX3534188001, 192” Max Lift.
  • Clark 3300 Lb. Capacity Stand Up Electric Fork Lift, Model NPR17, s/n NPR345-0826-9454FB, 258 Max Lift.
  • Yale 3000 Lb. Capacity Walk Behind Electric Fork Lift Model MCW030LEN24TE072, s/n C819N01802C, 157” Max Lift.
  • (2) Yale 6000 Lb. Capacity Electric Pallet Jacks Model MPE060LEN24T2748.
  • (4) Hobart, Steed, and Exide 24 Volt Battery Chargers.
  • Exide 36 Volt Battery Charger, and Exide 36 Volt Work Hog Fork Truck Battery.
  • Battery Service Racks, Fork Lift Man Cages, and Barrel Clamp.

Above Ground Truck Scale

  • Weightronics 100,000 Lb. Capacity 10’ X 70’ Above Ground Truck Scale, w/ Mettler Toledo Digital Readout and Epson Printer.

Switch Gear – Shop Equipment – General Plant

Switch Gear

  • (15) Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives Model GPD506, GPD506/P5, and P7.
  • (27) Square D and Cutler Hammer S/S Safety Switches.
  • (3) Magnetek and Saftronics Variable Frequency Drives Model GPD 503, and G3.
  • Cutler Hammer Motor Control Center, w/ 52 Disconnects.

Shop Equipment

  • Rockwell Drill Press, Airco Welder, Ridgid Pipe Machine Model 535, Workbench w/ Vise, Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter Model PAX38XL, Chain Hoist, Chop Saw, Burning Cart, Miller Thunderbolt Welder, Sewer Machine, and More.

General Plant Equipment

  • (46) Sections 20’ High Pallet Racking, (73) Sections Pallet Racking, Modine Gas Furnace, Dock Plates, Hose Reels, 4 Wheel Carts, Hydraulic Pallet Jacks, 1500 Lb. Scissors Lift, Eye Wash Stations, Ladders, Chemical Containments, Chevy Route Tuck, w/ Refrigerated 16’ Body, Chevy Pick Up Truck, Floor Scrubber, Office Furniture Break Room Fixtures, and More.