Chocolate & Confection Processing & Packaging

FULL Bean-to-Bar Line formerly of Major Producer

Date & Time

March 3-5, 2021


Online Bidding - Equipment in Pennsylvania


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Cocoa Bean Conching, Roasting, Grinding & Winnowing

  • Duyvis Wiener Ball Mill
  • Wiener Concher, Model RC1500
  • Barth Sirocco 400 Roaster
  • Bauermeister Winnower
  • Lehmann Melangeur Stone Grinder, Liquor Mill
  • W.A. Schmidt & Sons 30,000 Lbs. Capacity Pug Mill

Packaging Equipment

  • (6) Multipond 24-Head, 16-Head and 14-Head Scales
  • (4) Yumato 18-Head, 16-Head, and 8-Head Scales
  • (4) Theegarten Pactec Nigh Speed Wrappers Model EMC 1
  • 2013 and 2011 Wexxar Bel Tray Formeres Models TF-350CF, and TF-200TQ
  • Rovema Rotaseal Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bagger
  • Rovema Dual Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bagger
  • Rovema Horizontal Bagger
  • (10) Mettler Toledo Safeline, Loma, and Lock Metal Detectors
  • Ryson Spiral Conveyor
  • New Kleen S/S Carton Elevator
  • New FEMC S/S Cup Conveyor
  • New Phase Fire S/S Heat Tunnel
  • Film Splicers, Product Conveyor, Bucket Elevators, Top and Bottom Case Sealers, and Spare Scale Parts

Dust Control Systems

  • (2) New Schenck Dust Control Systems, with S/S Bag Houses, Anti Static Screens, Power Air Locks and Controls
  • Farr Camfil Gold Series Dust Collector, with S/S Bag House and Blower

S/S Tanks And Homogenizer

  • Breddo 300 Gallon S/S Jacketed Likwifier, with Offset Motor
  • 400 Gallon S/S Insulated Likwifier
  • WCB 500 Gallon S/S Hinged Lid Cone Bottom Processor
  • Gaulin Homogenizer Type 250-DJF9A8PS
  • S/S Batch Tanks, Balance Tank, and Kettles

General Processing Equipment

  • New SPX WCB Size 030U1 Positive Displacement Pump Head, (2) WCB Model 060 Positive Displacement Pumps, (2) New Rexroth Hydraulic Pump Systems, New CAT High Pressure Wash Pump, Sudmo Air Valves, APV Plate Heat Exchangers, Flowverters, Holding Tube, Flow Meter, Sensors, and More.