Carbonated Beverage & Packaging Equip.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Facility

Date & Time

February 24, 2010

9:30 AM


3030 Judkins Rd., Eugene, OR 97403

New Trine Labeler & Air Knives

  • 2009 Trine Labeler Model 4500, SN 6530 NEW NEW NEW!
  • NEW UNINSTALLED Air Blast Inc. Air Blower Model 3T-20-18 : SN 13653-09 w/Air Knives.

PET Filling Line – 20oz, 1 Liter & 2 Liter

  • Busse PET Bottle Depalletizer Model SD-20, SN 1260996 w/Busse Mat Take-Off System Model T5000, SN 1210996, w/Single Filing Conveyor and Additional Product Conveyor.
  • Litton UHS Van Gal Depalletizer Model 5/AD 77L-3642/4048, SN 7049 w/Conveyor.
  • Bevco S/S Bottle Rinser SN J1640 w/S/S Conveyor.
  • Meyer 52 Head Rotary Bottle Filler Model 52-12-12 SN HP-4173 w/Alcoa 12 Head
  • Capper w/Warner Electric Capping Heads and Blower System and S/S Product Conveyor – Capacities: 20 oz. @ 480/min.; 1 Liter @ 390/min.; 2 Liter @ 190/min.
  • Standard Knapp S/S Accumulation Table, 9’ Length, 5’ Width.
  • Trine 4500 Labeler SN 03845226 w/Spare Parts and Change Parts, Conveyor and Nordson Alta Blue 10 Gluer.
  • Hartness Model 2600 Continuous Motion S/S Case Packer, SN 26177, w/Change Parts.
  • Litton UHS Von Gal Palletizer Model P7500/TSD-3042-LH-SEPD-W/RA-ACCU, SN 1221 w/Allen Bradley SLC 150 Controls and Conveyor.
  • Kaufman Pallet Wrapper Model EXPA-10, SN H141.

S/S Tanks

  • Cherry Burrell 3,000 Gal. S/S Vertical Tank Model CV SN 3000-72-1116.
  • Northwest 1,000± Gal. S/S Dome Top Dome Bottom Tank.
  • Chem-Tek 620 Gal. S/S Hinged Lid Tank. Potter and Rayfield 1000G S/S Hinged Lid Tank w/Agitator.
  • 500 Gal. S/S Hinged Lid Tank w/Agitator.
  • 2,400 Gal. S/S Dome Top Dome Bottom Tank w/Agitator.
  • 930 Gal. S/S Dome Top Dome Bottom Tank w/Agitator.
  • 766 Gal. S/S Hinged Lid Tank w/Agitator.
  • (2) 400 Gal. S/S Hinged Lid Tank w/Agitator.
  • (2) 2,500 Gal. S/S Vertical Tank.
  • 1,000 Gal. S/S Vertical Tank.
  • 4,500 Gal. S/S Vertical Tank w/Vertical Agitator.
  • (3) Vertical Liquid Sugar Tank (5,000± Gal.)

CO2 System

  • Rheem Superior 50,000 LB Capacity Vertical CO2 Tank w/Compressor.
  • Cardox CO2 Cylinder Filling Unit Model 1-042-0050, SN 161-83.
  • Carbo Cooler
  • Mojonnier Ammonia Refrigerated Carbo Cooler Model M72-SRP, SN 9731 w/Flow Mix System and TriClover Pump
  • Kempco Systems Micro Blend Deaerator System w/Vacuum Pump, Tank and (2) Fristam Pumps.

Ink Jet Coder and Labeler

  • (2) Video Jet Excel 170i Ultra High Speed Ink Coders Mounted on Portable S/S Cart SN IU93K18015 & I90M13002.
  • (2) Markem 5000 Series Ink Jet Coders.
  • (2) Label Aire Labelers.


  • Brinkman Metrohm Titrator Model 7195, Hanna Digital pH Meter Model 21, Schott Gerate Titrator, Bellingham Digital Refractometer Model RFM, Vacuum Pumps, Incubators, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Torque Testers and more.


  • (2) Vilter 75 HP 6 Cylinder Ammonia Compressors Model VMC 440, SN 22385 and 22384.
  • Evapco Condenser Model ATC180 SN 977654 with Horizontal Ammonia Receiver.
  • Allen Bradley Panel View 300 Micro Compressor Control Panel.

Line Items and Pumps

  • (2) Waukesha Cherry Burrell 7.5 and 5 HP Pumps
  • (2) Waukesha Size 30 and 15 Positive Pumps, TriClover Positive Pump Head
  • (2) Accurate S/S Flow Meters, Liquid Controls Meter, S/S Butterfly Valves, Clamps, TriClover Air Valve, S/S Piping, More

Additional Process and Packaging Equipment

  • S/S Funnel Blender and Mixer, Hartness Model 2600 Case Packer, APV HTST System w/Press Model R565, SN 28359, Holding Tube, Hot Water Set, Balance Tanks and Controls (2) S/S Accumulation Tables, Roller Conveyor, Arpac Heat Tunnel Model 60-28T, SN 2422.

General Plant

  • Tennant Floor Scrubber Model 5700XP, Portable Stairs, S/S Sink, Eyewash Stations, Chemical Feed Pumps, Rhodes 12’ x 36’ Modular Cooler.

Air Compressors and Dryers

  • Ingersoll Rand 40HP Screw Air Compressor Model 150H. Quincy 15HP Air Compressor w/Tank. Pneumatech Refrigerated Air Dryer Model AD-400 w/Vertical Air Receiver.

Hot Water Heater

  • A/O Smith Hot Water Heater Model BC 300 SN 33-100, 300,000 BTUs w/Tank.

Water Treatment Equipment

  • Western Vertical Carbon Tank and Water Filter System.
  • Aquafine S/S UV Light Model C5L-8R/60, SN WS 02 008-E-DE5E.
  • Shelco Micro Guardian Filter Model 12F054-3TC-P-.5TCUD-1.5TCG, SN 105025, w/Additional Filters.

Can Equipment

  • (4) TAP Tone Can Level Inspectors.

Bearings, Motors, Parts, Etc.

  • McGill, SKF, Browning and other Bearings, Motors, Drives, New Rexnard Table Top Chain, Electrical Components, Sprockets, Sump Pump and More.


  • Caterpillar 3600LB Capacity Sit Down Propane Fork Lift Model T40D, SN 8EB10549, 188” Max Lift, Solid Tire, Side Shift.

5 Gallon Cylinder Washer and Filler

  • Fowler 5 Gallon S/S Can Washer Model FMC 200-GH, SN 93003.
  • Union S/S Cylinder Filler w/IQ Plus 35S Digital Platform Scale and Carts.

Waste Treatment System

  • Waste Treatment System w/Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU, Controls, 2 Tanks and Blower.

Control Systems

  • (7) Square D Alitvar 18 VFDs.
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 CPU w/(8) I/O Cards.