Butter & Dairy Processing Facility

Land O' Lakes Madison Dairy

Date & Time

December 14, 2011

9:00 AM


Madison, WI

HTST and Rework Systems

  • APV 45,000/Hour HTST System w/ Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: R51, SN: 11980, w/ (2) Dividers, Approximately (450) Plates, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Flow Diversion Valve, Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Waukesha Model 220 Timing Pump, Hot Water Set, Waukesha Cherry Burrell 30HP Pump, Tri Clover Air Valves, and Allen Bradley Logix 5561 PLC and 1500 Plus Programmer
  • APV 25,000/Hour HTST System w/ Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: R51, SN: 22494, w/ (2) Dividers, Tri Clover Flow Diversion Valve, Holding Tube, Approximately (205) Plates, Balance Tank, Tri Clover Air Valves, Waukesha Size 60 Timing Pump, Eriez Trap, Hot Water Set, and Controls
  • 2006 Crane Skid-Mounted Rework System w/ Mueller Plate Heat Exchanger, Model: AT1055F-10, SN: 351400, 270 Gallon Balance Tank, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Pumps, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Waukesha Cherry Burrell Air Valves, Traps, and Allen Bradley Logix 5555 PLC and Panel View 1500 Programmer
  • 2006 Badger 600 Gallon S/S Dome Top Jacketed Melt Tank w/ Bottom Sweep Agitator and Waukesha Cherry Burrell Pump
  • (2) 2004 Alfa Laval S/S Plate Heat Exchangers, Model: M6-BASE, SN: 3010-90020; 30108-90019
  • 30,000 lb./hr. Buttermilk Evaporator
  • Sterner 30,000 Lb/Hour Thin Film, Single Effect, MVR, Buttermilk Evaporator Type: D124960, SN: 5575.025, w/ 150HP MVR Blower Unit, Quick Water 10.0MM BTU/HP Boiler, (13) Fristam and Waukesha Cherry Burrell Pumps, Balance Tank, CIP Tank, Controls, and Marley Cooling Tower Evaporator Dryer Technologies, Inc., Clamdria Tube Heat Relocation and Pre-Distribution Updates, 2007


  • Walker 30,000 Gallon S/S Insulated Silo, Model: VSHT-4979, SN: 10684, w/ Horizontal Agitator
  • (2) Walker 12,000 Gallon S/S Chilled Water Refrigerated Silos, Model: 7820 and 7821, SN: VSHT-2114R and VSHT-2113R, w/ Horizontal Agitators
  • (2) Walker 10,000 Gallon S/S Chilled Water Refrigerated Silos, Model: 7506 and 7507, SN: VSHT-1331-R and VSHT-1330-R, w/ Horizontal Agitators
  • 36 Ft. Long x 42 Inch Wide S/S Frame Silo Catwalk

CIP Systems

  • 3-Tank S/S CIP System w/ Alfa Laval 7.5HP Pump, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Tri Clover Air Valves, and Controls
  • 2-Tank S/S CIP System, with Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Pump, Air Valve & Controls
  • 2005 Koss S/S Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Model: HXP-U-30-8472

Metal Detectors

  • (9) Fortress Phantom 4″ Flow Through Pipe Line Metal Detectors, (8) w/ Tri Clover Type 761 Control Top 3-Way Air Valves
  • (2) Goring Ker-Tek 21 Metal Detectors, (1) w/ 7″ x 4″ Aperture and Conveyor, (1) w/ 10″ x 3″ Aperture
  • Thermo Goring Kerr Metal Detector, Model DSP3/S, W/ 8 Inch X 6.75 Inch Aperture

Shrink Wrappers, Packers & Sealers

  • Shanklin Shrink Wrapper, Model: F-3M, SN: F032, w/ Heat Tunnel, Model: T-7XL, SN: T03247
  • (2) Shanklin Heat Sealer, Model: 523C, SN: 58784 and 50345
  • Shanklin S/S Heat Tunnel, Model: T-6XL, SN: TS8710
  • Shanklin Heat Tunnel, Model: T-6XL, SN: T-9306
  • (4) S/S Butter Case Packers
  • (9) 3M Top and Bottom Case Sealers, (4) Type: 39600, (2) Type: 10700
  • Spiral Grip Pallet Wrapper, Type: 310
  • Amtek Case Sealer

Carton Erector

  • Combi Carton Erector, Model E2500, S/N 2CE050144904

Ink Jet Coders and Labelers

  • (5) Video Jet Ink Coders, (3) Type: Excel 170IAF, (2) Excel 100
  • Little David Versajet LC Ink Jet Coder and Assorted Little David Line Coders
  • Marprint Labeler, Model: 1600, SN: 171289R, and (3) Additional Labelers

Plant Controls

  • (4) 2004 Ecolab S/S Control Panels w/ Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 1000 Programmer, Flex I/O Units, Anderson AV-9000 Chart Recorders, and Rosemount Solu Comp II Programmer
  • Ecolab S/S Control Panel w/ Allen Bradley Logix 5555 PLC, Panel View 1250 Plus Programmer, (2) Anderson AV-9000 Chart Recorders, (2) Rosemount Solu Comp II Programmers
  • Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 1000 Programmer, w/ S/S Enclosure and Solu Power Supply
  • Anderson AV-9000 Chart Recorder, Air Valve Solenoid Panels, GE Fanuc PLC w/ Air Valve Solenoids, (4) Dan Foss VFDs, Model: VLT5000, Square S/S Safety Switches and Starters

Feldmeier & Other Mix Tanks, Paddle Mixer, Homogenizers & More

  • New Feldmeier 800 Gallon S/S Dome Top, Dish Bottom Mix Tank, w/ Vertical Agitator and Sprayballs.
  • (2) Apache 1000 Gallon S/S Dome Top Come Bottom Jacketed Mix Tanks, w/ Vertical Agitators, S/N 10113
  • Marion Mixers S/S Paddle Mixer Model SPU4248, S/N 90012, W/ 15 Hp. Motor
  • Kusel 300 Gallon S/S Dome Top Cone Bottom Single Shell Vertical Tank
  • (2) Votator Homogenizers, (1) Parts Machine

S/S Butter Reclaimer and Meter

  • (2) S/S Balance Tanks, (1) DCI 200 Gallon

Air Compressors

  • Gardner Denver 150HP Screw Air Compressor, Model: EAQ99K12, SN: 1045157, 125PSIG
  • Quincy 125HP Screw Air Compressor, Model: Q51490AC, SN: 255-112-09849
  • 2008 General Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model: GRF-250A-216, SN: 33133, w/ Vertical Air Receiver
  • Zader Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model: RD600A, SN: 00-07-002, w/ Vertical Air Receiver and Zader Oil Water Separator
  • Quincy 100 hp Screw Air Compressor
  • Joy 40HP Twist Air Screw Air Compressor
  • Husky 3HP Air Compressor, w/ 60 Gallon Vertical Tank


  • Cleaver Brooks 250HP Packaged Boiler, Model: CB700-250, SN: L-90614, w/ Cain Heat Recovery System and Hot Water Tank, 150 PSI
  • Cleaver Brooks 200HP Packaged Boiler, Model: CB-200, SN: 59749, w/ Cain Heat Recovery System, Feed Pumps, Blow Down and Hot Water Tank

Refrigeration Equipment

  • BAC Evaporative Condenser, Model: VC165, SN: U070609801
  • (2) Krack Freon Compressor and Evaporator Units, Model: SLC/0250/H2M/124CD, SN: 672021/10B and 672021/10A
  • (8) Krack 3-Fan and 2-Fan Freon Freezer and Cooler Blowers, and additional Krack Freon Compressor and Evaporator Package
  • Vilter 75HP, 4CLY Ammonia Compressor, Model: VMC450XL, w/ Oil Separator and Starter
  • Vilter 50HP 4CLY Ammonia Compressor, w/ Oil Separator and Starter
  • (2) Vilter 30HP, 2CLY Ammonia Compressor, w/ Oil Separator and Starters
  • Evaporative Condenser Water Recovery System, w/ ChemTainer Tank and (5) Pumps, (3) Ammonia Ice Builders, (2) Horizontal Ammonia Receivers, Shell and Tube Chiller, Vilter and Other Evaporative Condenser

Chemical Feed System

  • EcoLab Chemical Feed System, Skid Mounded, w/ Grundfos Pump, Metering Pump, Filters, Husky Diaphragm Pump, and Allen Bradley 5563 PLC Controls and Panel View 600 Programmer
  • Clamann 2300 Vertical Plastic Storage Tank
  • (2) 1,550 Gallon and 1,040 Gallon Vertical Plastic Storage Tanks, w/ (2) Huskey Diaphragm Pumps

Additional Dairy Processing Equipment

  • (2) Speroflow S/S Bag Dischargers w/ Acc-Rite Feeders, S/S Bag House, and Millerbernd Auger Feeder, Dari Kool 400 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Farm Tank, DCI 600 Gallon S/S Hinged-Lid Processor, Rietz Extractor, Model: RE-24-K9E933, SN: 810388, 6 Ft. S/S Jet Spray Wash Trough, 12 Ft. Pipe Wash Trough, S/S Product Conveyor, S/S Balance Tank, (8) S/S Water Filters, (2) Portable Foamers, Goodway Butter Churn, Model: CMH35, SN: 62

Conveyor Systems

  • 105 Ft. S/S Frame Product Conveyor, w/ 12″ Wide Plastic Table Top Chain, 90° and 45° Turns, w/ Drive
  • Over 200 Ft. Hytrol and Rapidstan Power Roller and Belt Conveyor, w/ Inclines, Turns, and Drives
  • Additional S/S Frame Power Belt Conveyor and Product Conveyor

Material Handling

  • Toyota 3,500 Lb. Capacity Sit Down Electric Fork Lift, Model: 5FBE15, SN: 5FBE18-11265, 169″ Max Lift
  • (2) Crown 3,500 Lb. Capacity Stand Up Electric Fork Lift, Series 5200, w/ 198″ Max Lift and Tek-Logix Inventory System
  • Crown 4,000 Lb. Capacity Walk Behind Electric Fork Lift, SN: 64175313, w/ Charger
  • Dockstocker 3,000 Lb. Capacity Walk Behind Electric Fork Lift, w/ Charger
  • (4) Crown Electric Pallet Jacks w/ (2) Series 2300 Model WP2345-45, (1) w/Battery Handler Model: ATC-24 VAC, and (1) Additional Electric Pallet Jack
  • (13) Freo, Exide, CD, and Hobart 24 and 36 VLT Battery Chargers
  • (6) Hawker and C-Line 24 VLT Fork Truck Batteries
  • Advance Convertamax 26 Floor Scrubber and (3) Additional Floor Scrubbers
  • EZ Loader and Southworth Pallet Lifts, 4-Wheel Carts, Dollies, (100) Nested Plastic Pallets, and More

Pallet Racking

  • (34) Sections 5-Deep Pallet Racking
  • (13) Sections Standard Pallet Racking

Truck Scale

  • 105,000 Lb. Capacity 10 Ft. x 70 Ft. In-Ground Truck Scale, w/ IQ Plus 355 Digital Read Out and SP2200 Printer

S/S Pumps, Valves, Pipe, and Fittings

  • New Alfa Laval 7.5HP Pump, (3) Waukesha Positive Pump Heads, (3) S/S Tanker CIP Spray Balls, Waukesha Size 220 and Other Positive Displacement Pumps, Tri Clover and Waukesha Cherry Burrell Air Valves, S/S Flow Verter Clamps, 1000s Ft. 2″ S/S Pipe, Tri Clover and Waukesha Cherry Burrell Pumps, up to 7.5HP, S/S Wash Baskets, Check Valves, Suction and Discharge Hoses, S/S Water Filters and More

General Plant

  • (23) Hannay and Reelcraft S/S Hose Reels, (10) Eco Care Boot Wash Stations, (11) Strahman M5000 Hose Stations, S/S Sinks, S/S Tables, S/S Cabinets, Bug Zapper, S/S Eye Wash Station, 2006 Albany High Speed Roll-Up Door, Model: J230-CO1649, SN: 51075663-1, 8 Ft. Wide, Chase Quicky Door, Rite Hite High Speed Roll-Up Door, Model: RHC3278496, SN: 46535, Avaya Phone System, Desk, Chairs, File Cabinets, Label Printers, and More
  • Over (50) New Baldor, Leeson, Marathon, and Other Spare Motors up to 150HP, w/ S/S Clad Boston Gear Reducing Drives, S/S Fittings, Diaphragm Pumps, Drive Belts, PVC and Copper Pipe Fittings, S/S On-Line Filters, Pump Parts, Suction and Discharge Hoses, Drive Belts, SKF, Timkin, Browing, and Other Bearings and Seals, Filter ASCO Solenoids, Sprockets, Drayton Electrical Components, Case Sealer Parts, and Parts Shelving

Shop Equipment

  • Miller Welder, Ridgid Model: 300 Pipe Machine, Delta Drill Press, Air Blast Sand Blast Cabinet, (2) Job Boxes, Power Tools, Chop Saw, Tap and Die Sets, Machinery Movers, Fiberglass Ladders, Shop Vacs, Engine Hoist, Banding Carts, Work Benches, Parts Drawers, Hardware, and Storage Cabinets

Lab Equipment

  • (9) Doran, Mettler, and Tara S/S Digital Scales, CEM Labware 9000, (2) Precision Water Baths, (2) Sartorius Digital Scales, VWR Stir Plate, (2) Graver Centrifuges, Fisher Incubator, (5) Hand Held Refractometers, VWR 1320 Incubator Reichert Colony Counter, Digital Thermometers, Microwaves, Glassware, Frigidaire and Haier Refrigerators, Bottle Washer, Chrome Wire Racks, 31″ Wide U-Shaped Lab Counter w/ Acid Resistant Top, 31″ x 102″ Base Unit w/ Acid Resistant Top and True Upright Cooler