Beverage Processing & Packaging Equipment

SMB Machinery

Date & Time

April 18, 2013

9:30 AM


Ball Ground, GA


  • (2) Crepaco 25,000 Gallon 304 S/S Jacketed Silos
  • J&S 30,000 Gallon 316 S/S Silo, Top 308 Stainless
  • J&S 30,000 Gallon 316 S/S Silo, S/N: 12638-223, Top 308 Stainless
  • Dairy Craft 5,000 Gallon Vertical Jacketed Tank, with Refrigeration Coils, Painted Exterior, Stainless Lined, and Side Agitation
  • Cherry Burrell S/S 1,500 Gallon Horizontal Tank, Capable of Top Agitation
  • Crepaco 2,000 Gallon Horizontal Jacketed Mixing Tank, with Vertical Agitator, Sprayball, and Valve
  • APV Crepaco 12,000 Gallon Jacketed Fructose Tank, S/N: D7305, with Double Wall- Steel Outer and S/S Inner Wall, Flat Bottom, and Dish Top
  • APV Crepaco 12,000 Gallon Fructose Tank, S/N: D7304, with Flat Bottom, Dish Top, S/S Inside, and Single CIP Spray Ball
  • (2) 3,000 Gallon S/S Horizontal Tanks


  • Groen 400 Gallon S/S Jacketed Mixing Kettle, Model: TA400, S/N: 60770, Mounted on (2) Load Cells, with Center Blade Mixer, S/S Control Cabinet, and Temperature and PSI Gauge


  • New 2010 Feldmeier Skid Mounted Double Tube Heat Exchanger/ Pasteurizer, with Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pump, Satco Model: 3A654 U2 Shell, Tube Heat Exchanger, Sanitary RTDs, Temperature Transmitters, Balance Tank with Level Probe, (2) Sanitary Stops and Sanitary Divert Valve, and S/S Electrical Enclosure with Allen-Bradley Controls and Chart Recorder
  • Tetra-Pak 125 GPM HTST System, S/N: 25598, with Tetra-Pak Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger, Hot Water Set, ±300 Gallon Balance Tank, Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps, Flowmeters, S/S Electrical Enclosure with Chart Recorder, and Holding Tubes
  • 2001 Accurate Metering Twin-Tank Blend System, S/N: 001800-11, Skid Mounted, 9360 GPH


  • Meyer 52-Valve Filler with Alcoa 12-Head Cap-In-Head Capper, Model: 52-12, S/N: HP4122, with S/S Lift Cylinders, Electric Filler Drive, and Magnatorq Capping Heads
  • Simonazzi 48-Valve Counter Pressure Gravity Filler with Dual 8-Head Cappers, Model: 48-8-8
  • US Bottlers 72-Valve Pressure Gravity Filler, Model: PGF-72, with Tangential Discharge
  • Lanfranchi S/S Empty Bottle Unscrambler, Model: L3-SR-21, S/N: 1236-422-95, with Bulk Bottle Elevator and Remote Electrical Enclosure with Allen-Bradley Electricals and Panelview 550 Touchscreen HMI
  • New England Machinery S/S Unscrambler, Model: NEHEOL, S/N: 1458


  • Nalbach 8-Head Rotary Indexing Auger Filler
  • Nalbach High Speed Volumetric Dry Ingredient Filler, Model: 32-RCDST


  • Sidel 24-Cavity Blow Molder, Model 24-26, S/N 2019, with Andruze Bulk Preform Feeder, Elevator & Preform Sorter.


  • Aquachem 400 GPH Distiller, Model: BR-400 SPEC-E (A), S/N: SP97-17788, with 40 HP Drive and Allen-Bradley SLC 5/01 Processor
  • Aquafine Dual Cylinder Total Organic Carbon Reduction Unit, Model: RBE-20R 60 TOC, S/N: ZS93011, with (2) 10-Bulb Cylinders and (2) Control Cabinets, 118V, 60 HZ
  • Aquafine Dual Cylinder 3 HP Ozone Destrucion Unit, Model: RBE-20R 60 DEO, S/N: ZS93022, with (2) 10-Bulb Cylinders and (2) Control Cabinets, 118 V, 60 HZ


  • Krones 18-Station Rotary Cut and Stack Hot Melt Glue Labeler, Model: Canmatic 18, S/N: 73-858, with S/S Remote Electrical Enclosure and Allen-Bradley PLC 5/12 Controller
  • Krones High Speed, Multi-Head Rotary Labeler with Hot Glue Applicator, Model: Canmatic, S/N: 73Q33
  • KHS High Speed Automatic Wrap Around Case Packer, Model: 320/50, S/N: 2253, with Nordson 3700 Vista Glue Unit and Allen-Bradley Control Logix 5550 Processor with Rexroth Eco Drive Servo Controllers and Panelview 1000 Operator Interface
  • Mettler Toledo Checkweigher, Model: CM6600WD-MM, S/N: 15894, with Checkmate 2 Touch Screen Control Panel, 60 HZ, 240/480 Volts
  • Lantech Straddle Type Stretchwrapper, S/N: S-0155, with 20′ Powered Roller Pallet Conveyor and Allen-Bradley SLC 501 Processor
  • Shanklin Form, Fill, and Seal Wrapper, Model: CF1, S/N: C0003, with Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Programmable Logic Controller
  • Douglas High Speed Trayloader, Model: TDL/SR4, S/N: M-4761, with Registered Film Shrink Wrapper and 3-Zone Heat Tunnel
  • SWF Case Sealer, Model: MTS-1300, S/N: 1982103
  • Kayat Single Roll High Speed Shrink Wrapper, Model: 601-T, S/N: 107-97, with Pacific Scientific and Fiddings and Lewis Control System
  • SWF Case Sealer, Model: MTS-1300, S/N: 1982103
  • Great Lakes Hydraulic S/S Overwrapper/ Bundler, Model: 16527SS, S/N: 16527SSB0069, with S/S Shrink Tunnel, Model: HVS3/S3811/03, S/N: HV1717
  • Weldotron Shrink Tunnel, Model: 7121, S/N: GM35771, with Separate Fully Insulated Shrink Chamber and Live Roller Conveyor, Variable Air Velocity Control, and Adjustable Heat Pattern
  • Shanklin Large Capacity, High Production L-Sealer, Model: S-5CL, S/N: S8020, with Film Inverting Head, Power Take-A-Way Conveyor, Power Film Discharge, and Electromagnetic Controls
  • Hartness Tray Erector and Former, Model: TF-50, S/N: 16-051, with Nordson 3700 Hot Melt Glue Unit and Hose
  • SWF Vacuum Tray Former, Model: 1T4, S/N: 4914, with Glue Unit and Vacuum Pull Down, 240/60/3 Volts
  • Goldco High Level Case Palletizer, Model: High Level L2025 Residual, S/N: J0391272, with Adjustable Pallet Dispenser and Siemens Electrical Controls
  • ADDITIONAL PACKAGING EQUIPMENT: Assorted Mettler Toledo Checkweighers & Scales; Laser & Inkjet Coders; Cartoners & Case Sealers; Conveyors; Many Additional Items!


  • Votator 7.5 hp S/S Mixer; Evapco 320-Ton capacity Cooling Tower; Large Assortment S/S Pumps, Line Items; Large Assortment Motors & Sew Eurodrives; Large Selection Allen Bradley, Square D and other Electrical Items; Forklifts and Pallet Jacks; Floor Scrubbers