CANCELLED: 2021 Meat Production Facility

Date & Time

June 5-7, 2023


Denver, CO



$20 Million of 2021 Showroom Quality, Like New Equipment

All Equipment 2021 or Rebuilt, Featuring:

Mixing, Forming, Portioning

Extrusion, Frying, Water Jet Cutting

Spiral Freezer, Packaging




2021 Buhler 2,000lb/hr Complete Extrusion System 

A two-stage preconditioner and multifunctional twin-screw extruder offers flexible, reliable 24/7 processing for your breakfast cereals, food ingredients, pet food and aqua feed products. 



2021 Provisur Weiler Fryer 660, 42′ Length x 4′ Width x 80″ Height, 28″ Belt Width 

2021 JBT Char Marker Model CMII-D24 24″ Belt Width 

2021 Provisur Weiler S/S Frame Rotary Drum Oil Filtration System 

2021 Fulton Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Boiler Model VSRT-60 150 PSI 

2021 Fulton Thermal Fluid Skid Model FT-0320C 150 PSI 

2020 Fulton Boiler Water Feed Skid 

2022 Autofry 6 Gallon Double Basket Mobile Automatic Ventless Fryer Model MTI-40E with Self-Contained Ansul System 

2021 1,100 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom S/S Tank, 90″ Sidewall x 60″ Diameter 

2021 750 Gallon Dome-Top Dish-Bottom S/S Tank, 64″ Sidewall x 60″ Diameter 

2021 3,400 Gallon Dome-Top Cone-Bottom S/S Tank, 144″ Sidewall x 84″ Diameter 

2022 Ansul Carbon Dioxide Suppression/Fire Extinguishing System with (18) 100 LB Capacity CO2 Cylinders, Distribution Nozzles and Autopulse Z-10 Conventional Releasing Panel 


2021 Weiler 6,500 LB Capacity Vacuum Jacketed Mixer Model VM120 Mounted on Load Cells 

2020 Seydelmann Kutter/Cutter Model K324 AC-8Va with 2-Door S/S Control Cabinet 

2021 Weiler S/S Surge Hopper with Elevating Auger Model MH40 

Marlen Jet Knife 

Ideal for forming individual particulates such as pizza toppings, meatballs, or particulates used in soups and pet food, our Jet Knife can produce product in excess of 10,000 pounds per hour. 

2021 JBT A&B Process Melt Tank Skid 


2021 JBT DSI 800 Series Portioning System 

Used for efficiently and accurately cutting products into portioned fillets, nuggets, chunks, strips, and fat-trimmed products. 

2021 Rebuilt Formax F26 Plus Former 

2019 Vemag Ball Control Meatball Former Model AML273 

Vemag Model FM 

2020 Vemag Process Weigher Model CHW200118 


2021 JBT Spiral Freezer and Ammonia Accumulation System 


2021 BPI 14-Head Scale Filler Model MK1425 

2021 BPI Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Machine Model BHD-240SZ 

2020 Lantech Case Erector Model C-300 and 2020 Lantech Case Sealer Model CS-300 

2019 Vemag Single Loader Tray Denester Model SL305 

2021 Ross Model X450 Tray Sealer 


2021 JBT Polar Fusion Emulsifier Model PFE-80 

2019 JBT Karl Schnel Emulsifier Model F150 

2021 JBT Schroeder IMAX 630 Needle Injector, with Needles, Hoses and Change Parts 

2021 Provisur Brine Skid Mounted on Portable S/S Frame 

2021 JBT Stein S/S Frame Brine Mixing Skid Model PROMIX 

2021 Lutetia Skid-Mounted Brine Mix and Dissolving System Model DR8-C4 

2019 Feldmeier 300 Gallon Dome-Top Cone-Bottom Jacketed Brine Mixing Tank with Vertical Agitation and (3) Almatec Diaphragm Pumps, Mounted on Load Cells 


2021 Weiler Pre-Duster Model WCFDUS 

2021 Provisur Jacketed Batter Mixer Model WCFTEM200 

2021 Provisur Weiler Dust Collector Model CYCLONE 

2021 JBT Stein Ultra V Batter Applicator Model SUV-600BA 

2021 Provisur Weiler Batter Applicator Model CFCDI660 

2021 JBT Stein Tempura Batter Mixer 

2021 Provisur Weiler Breader Model WCFBRE 

2021 JBT Stein 5-Star Homestyle Breader Model HSB-300 

2021 Provisur Breading Elevator Mounted on Portable S/S Frame 

2021 7′ Portable S/S Frame Breading Conveyor with 26″ S/S Belting, Model 614 

2021 JBT Stein 9′ Portable S/S Frame Breading Conveyor Model OF 23X4 


Complete Frick Ammonia System with (2) 200 HP Screw Ammonia Compressors and Evaporative Condenser 

Allen Bradley Centerline 2100 Intellicenter with (32) Buckets and (17) Variable Frequency Drives 

2021 Dayton 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Unit Heater Model 55FG92 

Filtrine Filter Skid Model PF140-DUP, 140 GPM, 120 PSI