From Raw Ingredients to Freezing and Packaging – We Know the Ice Cream Market from Top to Bottom

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When you need to appraise your assets, create cash from idle surplus, or even leverage a quick turnkey solution, Harry Davis & Company is your source for asset solutions in the ice cream market.

Assets solutions are our business, but ice cream and dairy are our specialty. 

World-Class Clientele

Making Markets for Sellers – Bringing in the Buyers

From the world’s largest producers to small, specialized, artisanal applications, we have the experience to value your equipment, to create excitement among the buyer’s who need it, and to provide an end-to-end solution for your specific needs. With a full host of services and options for your sale, you’ll receive a custom solution that meets your time schedule and budget.


Leonard Davis, President, gives a tour at a recent auction sale for H.P. Hood.

Consulting and strategy:

  • Vertical market outlooks
  • Industry trend planning
  • Idle asset strategy

Appraisals and valuations for:

  • Asset-based lending/financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Lease-end valuations
  • Insurance purposes (replacement cost, loss settlement, etc.)
  • Litigation
  • Risk management

Sales approaches:

  • Live in-person auctions
  • Online times auctions
  • Hybrid sales
  • Equipment Marketplace page features
  • Entire facility turnkey operations

“I highly recommend the services of Harry Davis & Company. They were professional, well organized, and executed everything they said they would do regarding the sale and, most importantly, the follow-up.”

– Reagan S. Wood, former President of Nelson-Ricks Creamery

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